The most beautiful beaches on the coast of Maranhão

Praias da Ilha dos Lençóis em Cururupu
Beaches of Lençóis Island in Cururupu

The coast of Maranhão has incredible dunes of the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park and mangroves, the beaches of the state of Maranhão have a unique look in the Northeast.

On this stretch of the Brazilian coast you can find almost deserted beaches in fishing villages or even in the metropolitan region of São Luís.

The beautiful beaches of Maranhão are “unknown”, “underestimated” and “discredited” by people who are only looking for the “blue water and coconut trees” beaches, easily found “on other beaches in the Northeast” of Brazil and in other beaches in the world, but this does not mean that our beaches are less beautiful and attractive.

The beaches of the coast of Maranhão have plenty of exuberance (it is the greenest coast of Brazil due mainly to the abundance and extension of mangroves), novelty, exoticism and level of preservation.

The beaches of Maranhão boast, to say the least, a different, unique and exotic tropical beauty, presenting enormous potential for leisure activities, recreation, sun and beach tourism and ecotourism.

Here we list the beaches of Maranhão, which has the second largest coastline in Brazil and has sea even in its name.

Most beautiful beaches on the coast of Maranhão

1. Beaches of Tutóia

Dunes, beaches, mangroves, rivers and lakes, this is Tutóia which is located in Baixo Parnaíba, in the state of Maranhão.

A lost paradise 440 km from the capital São Luís. The municipality has several natural resources, forming a beautiful landscape.

The highlight of the region are the lagoons of Balneário de Lagoinha. They are seasonal lagoons that form in the dunes in the rainy season and are a significant part of the Maranhão sheets.

Among the beaches, the highlights are Barra, Andreza, Arpoador, Moita Verde and Praia do Amor.

And the islands Cajueiro, Melancieira, Coroatá, Ilha das Pombas, etc. Tutóia is 7 hours by river from the Parnaíba Delta. This boat trip from one point to another is very beautiful, because you can get to know the natural beauty of the region.

To get to most of the attractions that the city has, you must have a car with 4×4 traction, because they are in a very rugged terrain and with a local guide, so as not to risk getting lost

2. Beaches of Lençóis Island in Cururupu

The Ilha dos Lençóis in Cururupu is an ecological sanctuary considered one of the most remote destinations on the planet.

Praias da Ilha dos Lençóis em Cururupu

Precisely for this reason it remains wild and with little infrastructure.

Its landscape is formed mostly by dunes, as well as mangroves and guarás, one of the most beautiful birds in Brazil, with a reddish colour.

3. Atins Beach– Barreirinhas

The beach of Atins is located at the meeting of the Preguiças River with the sea, on the limits of the Lençóis Maranhenses.

Kitesurf em Atins

There, the salty water of the sea mixes with the fresh water of the river and the dunes, forming, around the beach, lagoons and even waterfalls near the sea during the rainy season. The waters are calm and the sand is white and soft.

Atins is a fishing village, but offers a good variety of bars, restaurants and accommodation options, all with a rustic and relaxed atmosphere. A pleasant boat trip takes tourists from Barreirinhas, which is 250 km from São Luís, to Atins.

4. Caburé Beach– Barreirinhas

The almost deserted Caburé is on a peninsula between the sea and the curves of the Preguiças River, in the east of the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, next to Atins.

Caburé é um vilarejo de pescadores no Maranhão

A long, narrow strip of clear sand surrounds the tranquil sea. To wash the salt off your body, take a refreshing dip in the fresh water of the river. To get to Caburé Beach, take a boat down the river from Barreirinhas and enjoy the dune landscapes of the Pequenos Lençóis and the mangroves.

At night, take the opportunity to admire the starry sky, as the electricity generator that supplies the place is switched off at 10 pm. On the beach, there are some commercial establishments, such as inns and simple restaurants, which offer fish and seafood dishes.

5. Panaquatira Beach– São José de Ribamar

Located on the same island as São Luís, 40 km east of the state capital, Panaquatira is considered one of the best beaches in the region.

Praia de Panaquatira no Maranhão

There are about five kilometres of calm and shallow sea, especially during low tide, between the mouth of the Paciência River and a small bay.

Despite being in the metropolitan region, Panaquatira Beach is very quiet, ideal for those who want to relax and the best for swimming in the whole island.

6. Praia do Calhau – São Luís do Maranhão

One of the best-known beaches in the capital of Maranhão, Calhau Beach has a calm landscape with dunes and undergrowth.

Praia do Calhau no Maranhão

The waters are also calm and it is a very good place for bathing and practising sports on the wide strip of sand.

It stretches along the entire Avenida Litorânea, and the restaurants and standardised stalls give the beach a more charming look.

7. Praia do Araçagy – São José de Ribamar

Located in the municipality of São José de Ribamar, more or less 20 km from the centre of São Luís, Araçagy is ideal for those who like to enjoy the peace of a more secluded place and eat typical quality Maranhão food.

Praia do Araçagy no Maranhão

The landscape is marked by dunes and kiosks. It can be accessed by car, and it is still possible to park on the sand, near the tents.

8. Ponta D’Areia – São Luís do Maranhão

Located less than 5 km from the centre of São Luís, it is one of the busiest beaches in the capital.

Praia da Ponta D'areia no Maranhão

Even though it is not very suitable for bathing, it is frequented by the most diverse audiences. It has reggae clubs and restaurants scattered along its length.

9. Olho D’Água – São Luís do Maranhão

Unlike the other beaches in São Luís, this one has a slightly more rustic appearance, with dunes and cliffs that attract the attention of bathers.

Praia do Olho D’Água no Maranhão
Praia do Olho D’Água in Maranhão

This does not mean, however, that it is not urbanised; on the contrary, it has a number of very popular huts.

In addition, during the second half of the year the wind is excellent and attracts practitioners of various types of sailing sports.

10. Praia de São Marcos – São Luís do Maranhão

It can be considered the “youngest” beach on the list.

Praia de São Marcos no Maranhão

During the day it is quite frequented by surfers.

What draws attention to the landscape are the ruins of the fort of São Marcos and the dunes covered with sparse vegetation. At night, the bars also bring life and animation to the beach.

The most beautiful beaches on the coast of Maranhão – Tourism and Travel Guide of the Maranhão

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