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  • Tourist attractions in the Northeast

    The immense coastline of the Northeast region of Brazil is the main factor contributing to local tourism. The beaches in the northeast are beautiful,

  • moqueca - northeastern cuisine

    Northeastern Cuisine

    Northeastern cuisine has been directly influenced by the socio-economic factors of the region. The dishes have characteristics of Portuguese cuisine,

  • Extreme Sport in the Northeast

    The Northeast has the best places and landscapes for practicing extreme and adventure sports such as parachuting, diving, rafting, scuba diving,

  • History, origin and evolution of forró in northeast Brazil

    Rhythms of Northeastern Music

    Northeastern music includes rhythms such as coco, xaxado, martelo agalopado, samba de roda, baião, xote, forró, Axé and frevo, among other

  • Northeastern Culture

    Northeastern Culture

    Northeastern culture is very diverse, as it has been influenced by indigenous peoples, Africans and Europeans. Customs and traditions often vary from

  • Cruzeiro de São Francisco

    Tourist attractions in Bahia

    Tourism in Bahia stands out because the state is one of the country’s main tourist hubs. Its vast coastal beaches, historic colonial sites,

  • Ouro Preto MG

    History of Baroque Architecture in Northeast Brazil and Minas Gerais

    Baroque architecture is an important part of Western history and has unique characteristics that marked the urbanisation of Europe and are also

  • Naturist Beaches in the Northeast and Brazil

    Discover the nudist beaches in the Northeast and Brazil. Find out which are the eight beaches where naturism and nudism are allowed. Three nudist or

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