The coastline of Paraíba is home to unforgettable landscapes such as Barra de Mamanguape, Cabedelo, Baía da Traição and the famous nudist beach of Tambaba.

The coastline of Paraíba, with 117 kilometres, has spectacular exotic beaches with tropical waters showing a cinematographic set where the main actors are nature and tranquillity. On the coast of Paraíba you can also find cliffs, dunes, rivers and forests, you can practise various activities in full contact with nature.

The south coast of Paraíba has a breathtaking landscape, with beautiful almost deserted beaches, highlighting Coqueirinho, Carapibus, Tabatinga, Barra de Gramame and the seductive beach of Tambaba that attracts visitors from all over the world for having the only official nudist camp in all of Northeast Brazil.

The north coast of Paraíba is equally fascinating. From Barra de Camaratuba beach to Intermares, we find not only wild-looking beaches but also historic buildings. Here you’ll find the Fortaleza de Santa Catarina in the port city of Cabedelo, recognised among the most important military monuments of Portuguese colonisation.

Further north, on the Mamanguape river bar, you’ll find the Marine Manatee Preservation Project. Here these animals are rehabilitated to return to their natural habitat. Baia da Traição is home to the Potiguaras Indigenous Reserve. An indigenous people who still preserve their ancestral traditions.