Coqueirinho beach in Conde has cliffs and crystal clear waters

Praia de Coqueirinho fica no litoral sul da Paraíba
Coqueirinho Beach is located on the south coast of Paraíba.

Praia de Coqueirinho is on the south coast of Paraíba, 35 kilometres from João Pessoa.

With calm seas, warm waters, and breathtaking beauty, Coqueirinho beach, located in the Conde, southern coast of Paraíba, 35 kilometres from João Pessoa, is the ideal place for those looking to renew their energy.


The beach of Coqueirinho is dotted with colourful cliffs, rock formations and crystal clear waters.

The strip of sand is extensive and has several coconut trees that provide shade for visitors, and this is one of the characteristics that most pleases tourists since the heat predominates in the state.

A good option to get to know the whole beach is to book a buggy ride that leaves from João Pessoa and passes through several other neighbouring beaches on the south coast. When the route includes the cliffs, visitors can get to know and “bathe” in the medicinal clay that exists there.

We also offer an hour-long quad bike ride, which you can drive yourself.

Praia de Coqueirinho no Conde na Paraíba

The transport fits two people. In addition, for those who enjoy adventure in the heights, there is tree climbing, which includes three bridges, two abseils and two rope ladders.

In Coqueirinho, at the little beach (part where there are no kiosks) you can find, by the sea, parasols and chairs.

The beach of Coqueirinho also has tents that serve snacks and even lunch, in addition to the famous restaurant of the region, the canyon of Coqueirinho, which offers the famous “moqueca de coqueirinho” made with fish, shrimp and lobster. The use of parasols and chairs is included in the kiosks and restaurants.

The beach also attracts many divers, since the water has good visibility, especially on the north side of the sea, where reefs form a large natural pool. On the south side, the open sea is marked by strong waves, which attracts lovers of extreme sports.

The beach also attracts many divers.

Another popular spot is the Mirante do dedo de Deus, which offers tourists a panoramic view of Coqueirinho. The place is ideal for relaxing and recording good photographic clicks.

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