Salvador de Bahia is rich in culture, history, museums, forts, convents, lighthouses and various attractions involving religion, music, history, carnival and beaches that enchant tourists.

Sightseeing in Salvador de Bahia

This itinerary through Salvador starts with the basics: whether you’re a first-time sailor or have travelled countless times, going to Pelourinho is almost a must.

Heart of the city, visiting the neighbourhood (and its outskirts) is the fastest and coolest way to try to better understand the city.

The basic itinerary is to start right at the Terreiro de Jesus, where the Basilica Cathedral is located, and work your way down: either Rua das Laranjeiras (full of restaurants, bars and shops, cool studios) or Rua de Baixo, whose square and houses are the postcard of Pelô, and not because of the city too.

Once there, visit the Ordem Terceira de São Francisco Church, which has a small museum and an inner courtyard lined with Portuguese tiles.

Then head towards the Church and Convent of São Francisco (in Largo do Pelô, down the street and then up the Ladeira do Carmo).

On the way you will pass the huge steps of Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos and soon arrive at the small Largo do Convento do Carmo.

Relief from the long walk can be guaranteed in the shade and coolness of the bar of the coolest hotel in town, the Pestana Convento do Carmo.

For those who can’t stay there, looking at the pool (where the fountain in the inner courtyard used to be) and sipping a juice is a guarantee of a relaxing moment.

After the rest, it’s time to do some shopping at the Mercado Modelo. The way to get there from Pelourinho is taking the Elavador Lacerda, an icon of the city. The view from the upper town to the lower town is one of the most beautiful and photogenic in Salvador.

The Mercado Modelo in Salvador is the place to buy all those souvenirs and travel foods that everyone expects from Salvador: multicoloured Senhor do Bonfim ribbons, lace, cocadas, cashew nuts and even the berimbau (remember: you’ll have to ship it on the plane?) To get away from the hustle and bustle, the restaurant at the top of the market offers a beautiful view of the marina.

At the bottom, a capoeira circle is always open, attracting the attention of gringos and non-soteropolitans.

A tour like this deserves a finale in style: a sunset at the Barra lighthouse! Take a taxi in front of the market and follow Avenida Lafayete Coutinho and 7 de Setembro.

There, at the end of the afternoon, there are several cool and charming bars, such as Pereira and its co-partner Pereira Sussa, with a direct sea view.

Another option is to guarantee a spot on the grass around the lighthouse, with a large iced green coconut and enjoy the moment.

Salvador de Bahia Travel and Tourism Guide

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