Rio Vermelho is the trendiest and most bohemian neighborhood in Salvador

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Rio Vermelho neighborhood in Salvador

In the Rio Vermelho neighborhood is the best of Salvador’s excitement. In the neighborhood are located several bars, restaurants and nightclubs. It is the best place to taste the acarajés of the city.

In Largo de Santana, Dinha, Regina and Cyra have demarcated their territories, bringing together tourists, bohemians and artists.

In addition to savoring the delicacy based on beans, vatapá and dried shrimp, you can enjoy the neighborhood that has become Salvador’s nightlife spot, with lively bars and cool restaurants.

The program can start at dusk, to enjoy the twilight, and end at dawn, such is the offer of options in the neighborhood.

mapa turistico de Salvador BA
tourist map of Salvador BA

Inspiration for Jorge Amado’s novels, Rio Vermelho is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Salvador and reserves unmissable attractions for visitors.

With a rich cultural scene and beautiful landscapes, Salvador is a city for everyone. In every corner of the capital of Salvador it is possible to experience a bit of Brazilian history in a colorful mix of music, history, typical gastronomy and a lot of joy!

.Enjoy your trip to Salvador and discover one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the Bahian capital, the Rio Vermelho.

Tourist spots in the neighborhood of Rio Vermelho

Praia do Buracão

Praia do Buracão is a real treasure hidden among the buildings and houses of the Rio Vermelho neighborhood and is a great choice for those who prefer a more reserved option.
When the tide is low, numerous natural pools are formed that are perfect for that refreshing dip. Spread a yoke on the sand and enjoy a relaxing day in the sun.
At lunchtime, take the opportunity to visit the Blue Praia Bar, a restaurant that combines Bahian seasoning with the beauty of Buracão Beach, with a breathtaking view!

.Ceasinha – Mercado do Rio Vermelho

With its own vocation for popular commerce, the Mercado do Rio Vermelho – affectionately called Ceasinha – offers diverse products and services, from fresh fish, flowers and even beautiful handicrafts.

.The prices there are much better than those found in other tourist spots in Salvador. Depending on the day, it is still possible to come across exhibitions and playful activities that take place in the common areas of the market, entertaining adults and children alike.

The prices there are much better than those found in other sightseeing spots in Salvador.
Another highlight of Ceasinha is the Gourmet Square, with independent access and differentiated hours. There visitors can enjoy a gastronomy that visits regional and international spices, full of pubs and restaurants that bring together families and friends at happy hour.

If you like live music, be sure to go on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays, when the traditional Seresta do Edinho rocks the atmosphere!

A dive into the history of Jorge Amado

If you are peaceful, you can enter”: this is how visitors are welcomed at the Museum of the Red House. Former residence of the Bahian writer Jorge Amado and his wife Zélia Gatai, the place is a historical corner that unveils the history and culture of the Bahian people, in a cheerful and poetic atmosphere. Walk through the museum’s gardens and feel like the protagonist of a Jorge Amado novel.

Casa do Rio Vermelho em Salvador BA
Casa do Rio Vermelho in Salvador BA
On Wednesdays, admission is free. As the street is narrow and parking on site is a bit difficult, take the opportunity to stay at the Mercure Salvador Rio Vermelho and walk to the museum, it’s only a 15-minute walk. A true Salvadoran refuge, the Red House Museum is a cultural walk not to be missed!

.An offering to the Queen of the Seas

On the edge of Red River Beach, the House of Iemanjá is a place that oozes energy and offers a wonderful view of the sea of Salvador. In a small and simple space, the house holds several images and offerings left for the orisha. It is a space to give thanks, make requests and learn a little about the history of Bahian culture.

If you are in town in February, on the 2nd the Festivity of Iemanjá takes place: a ritual in which fishermen take the gifts left in the house to the open sea, asking for plenty of fish and a calm sea. After the party, a traditional feijoada is served in the bars and concert halls of the region.
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