Anyone arriving in the city of Maceió is immediately impressed by the bewildering beauty of the waters that surround it – the verdant sea and the Mundaú lagoon.

Maceió is located in a totally coastal environment, Maceió stands out for its exuberant beauty.

Nestled between coconut palms, mangroves and a beautiful sea, it provides all who visit it with beautiful memories.

Today, with approximately one million inhabitants, it is one of the most beautiful tourist poles in Brazil, tripling its population in the holiday season.

Tourism in Maceió

The beaches are the most beautiful in Brazil.

The entire seafront is adorned by coconut trees that give a magical touch to the stunning landscape.

Some of the beaches are still primitive and leave visitors in ecstasy and unwilling to leave them; they are bathed by a sea sometimes green, sometimes blue, incomparable for the delight of human sight.

The capital of Alagoas has a privileged location.

Bathed by 15 beaches, Maceió stands out on the national and international scene mainly for the exuberant beauty of its beaches, but always warm and crystalline.

The fine white sands, the reefs that form the natural pools and the immensity of coconut trees complete the paradisiacal scenery.

The beaches of Pajuçara, Ponta Verde, Jatiúca and Cruz das Almas are in the urban area and make up the seafront of Maceió, considered the most beautiful in Brazil. In this area, it is possible to enjoy excellent hotels, restaurants, bars, pizzerias, breweries, a cycle path and a promenade with kiosks.

At the end of the afternoon, it turns into a perfect walkway for physical activities or simply to enjoy the sunset.

It is also possible to visit more distant beaches on the north coast, such as Ipioca, Pratagy, Mirante da Sereia, Riacho Doce, Garça Torta, Guaxuma and Jacarecica.

The boat trip on the Mundaú and Manguaba lagoons is a guarantee of an unforgettable moment in Maceió. In the Pontal da Barra neighbourhood, it is possible to take the ‘Nine Islands Tour’, with boats that sail in an archipelago located in the Mundaú Lagoon.

Of the nine islands, eight are in the capital of Alagoas and one in Marechal Deodoro, a neighbouring municipality.

Maceió Tourism and Travel Guide