Fauna and Flora of Brazil

Brazil and the Northeast has an exceptional fauna and flora in its environment, with the greatest biodiversity on the planet. It also has the largest freshwater reserves and a third of the world’s remaining tropical forests: Amazon, Cerrado, Caatinga, Atlantic Forest, Pantanal, Coastal and Pampas.

Brazil has the largest fauna and flora on the planet.

The country is home to approximately 524 species of mammals, 517 of amphibians, 1,677 of birds and 468 of reptiles.

What’s more, many of these life forms are endemic, i.e. they only exist in Brazilian territory: 131 species of mammals, 294 of amphibians, 191 of birds and 468 of reptiles are exclusive to Brazil.

Among the largest fauna and flora, the Amazon, the world’s largest tropical rainforest, is the national and global highlight, possessing the greatest variety of life on Earth.

Covering 5.5 million square kilometers, the Amazon Rainforest is home to a third of all living species on the planet.

It is estimated that there are more than 5 million plant species there, of which only 30,000 have been identified.

Even so, one out of every five plant species in the world is found in its territory. In just one of its hectares there can be up to 300 different types of trees.

As for the variety of animals, in the Alto do Juruá in Acre alone, the region of the forest richest in biodiversity, there are 616 known species of bird, 50 of reptile, 300 of spider, 140 of frog, 16 of monkey and 1,620 of butterfly.

Fauna and Flora of Brazil

Fauna and Flora of Brazil

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