North Coast

The north coast of Alagoas has paradisiacal beaches and natural pools in São Miguel dos Milagres, Barra de Santo Antonio, Maragogi and Japaratinga.

Tourism on the north coast of Alagoas

With approximately 300 km of extension surrounded by a natural barrier built thousands of years ago by corals on the north coast of Alagoas, the fantastic Ecological Route.

Costa dos Corais (Coral Coast) is located on the north coast of Alagoas and attracts tourists looking for deserted beaches with warm waters, quality gastronomy, comfort of rustic inns by the sea and ecologically sustainable tourism.

The north coast region, which begins a few kilometres from Maceió and ends at the border with Pernambuco, contains the second largest reef bank in the world, second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

At low tide it is possible to swim in the hundreds of natural pools, all alongside a huge variety of fish.

The north coast of Alagoas has been preserved thanks to the route of the Alagoas coastal road, which takes a diversion inland at Barra de Santo Antônio and only returns to the coast at Maragogi.

The little more than 40 km of beaches between Barra de Camaragibe and Japaratinga are served by a secondary road, with a stretch of tarmac (to Porto de Pedras), a ferry (to cross the Manguaba River between Porto de Pedras and Japaratinga) and a stretch that alternates between a dirt road and cobblestones (in Japaratinga).

Tourist Guide to the Coral Coast in Alagoas

South Coast

Jequiá da Praia and Marapé Dunes

Dunas de Marapé is the municipality of Jequiá da Praia, 65 km from Maceió, with a population of 15 thousand inhabitants. The name Jequiá da Praia comes from an Indian origin meaning “basket with many fish”. Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Jequiá, Jacarecica and Azeda lagoons, Jequiá da […]