Oeiras e São Raimundo Nonato

Oeiras and São Raimundo Nonato are two important cities in Piauí, each offering unique tourist attractions that highlight the state’s history, culture, and natural beauty.

Travel guide to the cities of Oeiras and São Raimundo Nonato

1. Oeiras

Location: Oeiras is a historic city located in the south-central part of Piauí, approximately 300 km from Teresina, the state capital.


  • Historic Center of Oeiras: Oeiras was the first capital of Piauí, and its historic center is filled with well-preserved colonial buildings, including churches, mansions, and squares.
    • Cathedral of Our Lady of Victory: The city’s main church, it is a major historical and architectural landmark.
    • Church of the Rosary: Known for its baroque architecture and historical significance.
    • Museum of Sacred Art: Houses a collection of sacred art, including images, liturgical objects, and historical documents.
  • Praça das Vitórias: One of the oldest and most important squares in the city, a great place to stroll and observe local life.
  • Holy Week: Oeiras is famous for its religious celebrations, especially during Holy Week, attracting many visitors to its processions and religious rituals.


  • Typical Foods: Dishes like carne de sol (sun-dried beef), paçoca de carne seca (dried meat with manioc flour), capote (guinea fowl), and local fruit sweets are highlights of Oeiras’ cuisine.

2. São Raimundo Nonato

Location: São Raimundo Nonato is located in the southeastern part of Piauí, about 520 km from Teresina.


  • Serra da Capivara National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this park is one of the largest and most important archaeological sites in the Americas.
    • Archaeological Sites: Home to thousands of rock paintings, some over 25,000 years old.
    • Museum of American Man: Located in the city, this museum exhibits archaeological finds from the park and information about the earliest inhabitants of South America.
    • Trails and Viewpoints: Various trails allow exploration of rock formations, caves, and the rich flora and fauna of the park.
    • Boqueirão da Pedra Furada: One of the most famous sites in the park, with an impressive concentration of rock paintings.
  • Waterfalls and Natural Landscapes: Besides the park, the region has several waterfalls and stunning landscapes ideal for ecotourism.

Cultural Events:

  • Serra da Capivara Cultural Festival: An annual event celebrating local culture with music, dance, exhibitions, and theatrical performances.


Oeiras and São Raimundo Nonato offer unique experiences for visitors.

While Oeiras charms with its rich historical heritage and religious celebrations, São Raimundo Nonato fascinates with its unparalleled archaeological treasures and natural beauty.

Both destinations are must-visits for those looking to explore the history, culture, and nature of Piauí.