Adventure and extreme sports in Bahia and Northeast Brazil

The northeast has the best places and landscapes for practicing radical and adventure sports such as skydiving, diving, rafting, scuba diving, kitesurfing and bodyboarding.

Adventurous and extreme sports in Bahia and the Northeast

Bahia was already born with a great potential for extreme sports.

At sea, it has the grandeur of the Baía de Todos os Santos (All Saints Bay) and more than 1,000 kilometres of coastline, from the Costa dos Coqueiros (Coconut Coast), on the border with Sergipe, to the Costa das Baleias (Whale Coast), in the extreme south.

There are over 40 tourist destinations and 300 beautiful beaches, which give tourists the chance to do whatever they want to exercise and have fun.

For those looking to mix extreme sports, nature and adventure, the challenge will be to decide where and what to do.

Biking, canoeing/buo-cross, canyoning, horseback riding, diving, motorcycling, motocross, parachuting, sport fishing, rafting, sandboarding, surfing, rappelling, trekking and hang-gliding are some of the options tailor-made for the adventurous.

Among them, the mountains and caves awaken the desire for challenge with rappelling and climbing.

The more adventurous prefer cascading – rappelling down waterfalls – exploring the beautiful waterfalls.

The municipality of Paulo Afonso is one of the favourite places for extreme sports.

The area near the São Francisco canyon is the starting point for the radical rappel sport, as well as the Metálica Bridge is the most appropriate point for bungee-jumping.

The Chapada Diamantina region has a rugged terrain, from where countless waterfalls spring out, and excellent spots for rappelling and canyoning.

If coming down from mountains, buildings and viaducts already cause such a fury among the practitioners of these modalities, it is possible to imagine the level of adrenaline and contentment reached when the scenarios are the main mountains and waterfalls of the Lençóis region.

Adventure and radical sports in Bahia and the Northeast