Paragliding Flight at Pitinga Beach in the district of Arraial da Ajuda

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Voo de parapente na praia da Pitinga
Paragliding Flight at Pitinga Beach

Praia da Pitinga in Arraial d’Ajuda with its colorful cliffs is an ideal beach for paragliding.

Praia da Pitinga which is in the district of Arraial da Ajuda in Porto Seguro more or less 1 km from the center.

A colorful maze of cliff-top vegetation surrounds the golden sand and clear water of Pitinga Beach.

Praia de Pitinga is famous for its charming stalls and kiosks serving food and drinks. Admire the tranquillity of this private spot from the comfort of your sun lounger and in the hut area.

Porto Seguro is considered one of the main tourist spots in Brazil, it receives millions of tourists every year, thousands of them foreigners.

The city has been awarded the title of National Historical Heritage and Natural Heritage of Humanity.

The city of Porto Seguro is a place with beautiful historical buildings, cliffs and coral reefs.

But it is not only natural beauty that lives the city, it has a place known as Passarela do Álcool, where there is a lot of excitement, with bars, restaurants and commerce.

The beach of Pitinga, bathed with warm and transparent water, full of charms, with strong waves that break in the reefs near the edge, greenish sea, cliffs on all sides and soft sand.

At low tide, they form natural pools, which end up being better for bathing and the main attraction of the place.

It is possible to reach the beach by walking along Mucugê beach through a dirt road where we can park our cars in some of the parking lots closest to the entrance of Pitinga and enjoy a delicious walk along the beautiful landscape.

Pitinga is defined as one of the most beautiful and exotic beaches of the Brazilian coast and is the most sought after of the southern shore.

In addition to these beauties, the beach also has as an attraction the limestone walls, coconut trees cut by the very high cliffs and the beach huts.

mapa de Arraial d'Ajuda
map of Arraial d’Ajuda

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What do you do at Pitinga Beach?

1. Kitesurfing

The beach is frequented by locals and sought after by Kitesurfers, who fly over the crystal clear waters using a board and pulled by a kite.

It is a relatively new sport, but it is conquering its space on the beach and attracting surfers from different places. It is a sport that requires care and safety, because any hesitation, the damage can be fatal.

The beautiful landscape of the beach turns this sport into a great and unforgettable adventure.

2. Nudism

In the southern part of Pitinga, there is virgin vegetation and because it is consequently more deserted, the practice of nudism is common and occasional.

3. Diving

There are stretches of coral banks 200 to 400 meters from the beach, right where the waves break.

There are also diving spots called Chapeirões de Corais, due to the marine life and the great diversity of colorful and varied corals, all close to the coast.

The depth of the dives vary between 10 to 18 meters.

4. Clay Pond

There is a small lake with a lot of white clay, where tourists can bathe leaving their skin more beautiful and soft. Clay is said to have medicinal properties, which adds to its attraction.

5. Cliffs at Pitinga beach

Falésias da praia da Pitinga
Falésias da praia da Pitinga

The cove framed by cliffs, which are real sedimentary rocky slopes and are always in the process of erosion, reflect at sunrise bright and intense multicolored tones, and is famous for the charm of its tents.

A perfect area for snacking between one dive and another contrasting with the crystal clear water of the sea.

6. Double paragliding flight at Pitinga beach

Paragliding flights can be performed from the top of the beach cliffs and during this tour it is possible to visualize Mount Pascal, the first point of terra firma sighted by the crew of Pedro Alvares Cabral.

The paragliding flight in Pitinga is sensational, the local pilots are very receptive people and give all the necessary tips for a safe flight, the instructors and pilots of local double are always very solicitous and dominate a good technique of flight in cliff, which makes the flight pleasant and safe for all.

How to get to Pitinga Beach

Access to Pitinga is very easy. If you are by car in Porto Seguro, just take the ferry that connects Porto to Arraial d’Ajuda.

Therefore, this ferry crosses the Buranhém river, costs about 15 reais per car, and takes around 10 minutes to complete the route.

And here’s a tip: get ready to take lots of pictures during the ferry crossing!

After the crossing, head towards the center of Arraial and then take the road to Pitinga. You will pass by the beaches of Mucugê and Parracho.

In case you are on foot at one of these beaches, you just need to walk a bit to the left side of the beach and you will soon be at Pitinga beach. is the largest tourism and travel guide for Bahia and Salvador.

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