Porto Seguro is one of Brazil’s top tourist destinations

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Ponta Grande em Porto Seguro
Ponta Grande em Porto Seguro

Porto Seguro is one of Brazil’s main tourist destinations and is in a permanent party mood.

Porto Seguro is divided into 5 districts: Porto Seguro (headquarters), Arraial d’Ajuda, Caraiva, Trancoso and Vale Verde.

The Portuguese discovered Brazil by stopping their caravels in this region of Bahia in 1500. But Brazil only “discovered” the area about 20 years ago.

The excitement starts early.

On the beaches of Porto Seguro, the huts act as support points for tourists: they have parasols, sun loungers, bar service, restaurant, shower and toilets.

Porto Seguro na Bahia
Porto Seguro

The larger ones even have a stage and dance floor. In them, the animation is due to the dancers who teach axé and lambaeróbica steps all the time and promote games and games.

At night, during the week, the tents organize luaus.

See the map Costa do Descobrimento and See the map of Porto Seguro beaches.

In the Center is the “Passarela do Álcool”, a concentration of bars, restaurants and stalls that, from 8 pm, sell exotic cocktails.

Videos about Porto Seguro in Bahia

The most famous is the “Capeta”, made with cachaça, chocolate powder, guarana and condensed milk, a devilish mixture indeed…. Nearby, shops are open until midnight.

Igreja da Misericórdia - Porto Seguro
Igreja da Misericórdia

The city has an excellent structure to receive visitors.

A large number of hotels and inns extend along the waterfront, from the center to Santa Cruz de Cabrália, in approximately 18 km of BR-367, in this stretch called Avenida Beira Mar.

Capela de São Benedito - Porto Seguro
Capela de São Benedito

The important thing is to choose the place that suits you best. If you are interested in excitement, stay in the center or near Taperapuã beach.

The beaches near Rio dos Mangues or Ponta Grande, almost on the border with the municipality of Santa Cruz de Cabrália, are quieter. Don’t be afraid of being isolated: public transportation works well and several bus lines run along the shore.

It is also possible to rent buggies or cars. If you want to enjoy nature, you can stay here.

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Pena - Porto Seguro
Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Pena

in Arraial d’Ajuda. It is a good choice, although prices there are higher.

Many travel agencies offer one-week packages to Porto Seguro, which include hotel accommodation, air or land tickets, transfers and some tours.

The Historic City of Porto Seguro, listed as a National Historic Site, is situated on a hill.

With the recent restoration, the old public jail, built in 1722, now houses the Historical Museum of the City.

In the Igreja da Misericórdia is the Museum of Sacred Art, with the rich image of Nosso Senhor dos Passos, from 1585.

Passarela do Álcool in Porto Seguro
Passarela do Álcool in Porto Seguro

Be sure to visit the Chapel of São Benedito, with the ruins of the Jesuit College, the Church of Nossa Senhora da Pena, from 1718, where the image of São Francisco de Assis from the 16th century is located, the Museum of the Colonial House which is the Landmark of the Discovery.

Beaches of Porto Seguro

The beaches of Porto Seguro are the main attraction of the city, with good reason.

They are democratic beaches, where you will find from the excitement of axé to the deep quiet of deserted regions.

Beaches with very blue sea and clear sand follow all along the shore. The water temperature is delicious and warm, especially in summer. That thermal shock of getting out of the sun to take a dip is not as evident as in the south of the country.

In the vicinity of the center, the water is not very beautiful because of the distance from the river, but just a little distance away that a beautiful color appears.

The beach of Taperapuã is the most famous and, therefore, the one that is most crowded in Porto Seguro. The river does not affect the color of the water and there reigns an endless blue.

In its area are the famous beach huts, with a great structure and always with different programming for visitors. Among the tents, the one with the best structure is Axé Moi. Shows and luaus are frequent; just check the schedule of each of the tents.

For those who prefer peace and quiet, it is better to skip the long stretch of sand and go straight to Mutá, the last beach in Porto Seguro. Praia do Mutá is on the border with the neighboring municipality, Cabrália, and is a quiet beach with great water.

Be sure to also visit the beaches of Arraial d`Ajuda and Trancoso, as well as Coroa Vermelha, which is located in Santa Cruz de Cabrália, but is very close to Porto Seguro.

1. Cruzeiro Beach

It has camping, good option to spend little.

Praia do Cruzeiro em Porto Seguro
Praia do Cruzeiro em Porto Seguro

2. Praia do Mutá

It is the continuation of Ponta do Mutá Beach.

Praia do Mutá em Porto Seguro
Praia do Mutá em Porto Seguro

3. Praia Ponta Grande

Similar to the previous one, it has calm waters, banana boat rides, speedboat rides and kayak rentals. Curuipe, Itaeimirim and Mundai Beaches are busy and have infrastructure.

Praia Ponta Grande em Porto Seguro
Praia Ponta Grande em Porto Seguro

4. Praia do Rio dos Mangues (ou Barramares)

One of the most traditional seaside entertainment bars, Barramares, is located on this beach. It is possible to rent kayaks, take banana boat rides and fly ultralight. The beach is one of the favorites for those who like calm waters.

Praia do Rio dos Mangues em Porto Seguro
Praia do Rio dos Mangues em Porto Seguro

5. Praia de Taperapuã

The natural pools formed by the reefs attract many people. Some tents have a stage and dance floor. At the Toa Toa hut it is possible to hire helicopter rides.

Praia de Taperapuã em Porto Seguro
Praia de Taperapuã em Porto Seguro

6. Praia de Mundaí

Cove with calm and clear waters (good for diving). It has coconut trees, thick and clear sand with many shells. It has inns, camping and several piassava kiosks.

Praia de Mundaí em Porto Seguro
Praia de Mundaí em Porto Seguro

7. Praia de Curuípe

Cove with reefs, weak waves and narrow strip of coarse white sand. It has cliffs and lies between two rivers. At low tide, the small Rio S. Francisco forms natural pools of clear water.

Praia de Curuípe em Porto Seguro
Praia de Curuípe em Porto Seguro

8. Praia de Itacimirim

Steep, with a narrow strip of beaten sand and some coconut palms between kiosks. Although relatively short – about 1 km – it shows many curves. It has several inns and bars.

Praia de Itacimirim em Porto Seguro
Praia de Itacimirim em Porto Seguro

Other Tours

Boat trips in Porto Seguro are offered by local companies: you just have to choose. The most popular are the schooner trips to Coroa Alta or Recife de Fora.

If you are in a small group or couple and willing to spend more, you can rent a boat equipped for fishing or diving and make an independent program à la carte.

Ultralight and helicopter rides are exciting options. The landscape is unforgettable.

1. Pirate Island

Pirate Island, which has a center of studies focused on environmental preservation, has a day and night leisure structure.

The nightly musical shows attract many visitors.

By day, the demand is for the large aquariums with sharks and rays. In the Degraded Areas Recovery Project there is a nursery of seedlings of mangrove plants.

The island also houses an orchidarium, a bromeliad nursery, an art gallery, an environmental education center, an events square, a snack bar, a restaurant and a bar.

Carnival in Porto Seguro

The Carnival in Porto Seguro is one of the liveliest in Bahia, second only to Salvador.

When the electric trios take over the Passarela do Álcool, there is no one to hold back, everyone joins in the revelry. So, if you are looking for peace and quiet during the Carnival holidays, Porto Seguro is not your beach.

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