Caraíva has beautiful unspoiled beaches and contrasts with the green of the Atlantic forest

Caraíva na Bahia
Caraíva in Bahia

Caraíva is a village that defies predatory tourism and enchants with its almost primitive beauty!

A primitive village of 2000 inhabitants that is beginning to be discovered by less accommodating tourists.

It is 40 km from Trancoso by sandy and deserted road. There is no electricity, telephone or post office.

6 km from Caraíva is the village of Barra Velha (Pataxós Indians), within the reserve that is part of the Monte Pascoal National Park, where the first point of land in Brazil was sighted by Cabral’s expedition.

See the map Costa do Descobrimento and the map of Porto Seguro beaches.

Caraíva is a world apart, separated from the mainland by the river, accessed by canoes. Cars are not part of the landscape, they are parked on the other side of the river.

The arrival in Caraíva is impressive. Getting off the bus or private car, it’s time to pick up the luggage and get into one of the charming canoes that make the crossing to the village of Caraíva.

It is worth taking out your camera and recording the moment. On the left, at the very bottom, you can see Ponta da Barra and where the sea hides behind. On the shore, green, very green.

Ahead, you can see the charming little town with its colorful houses, coconut palms, leafy trees and some small boats, which make the first photo of the trip become a postcard worthy of a picture frame.

With your feet on the ground – literally, as the town has no paved streets, it is all sand – it is time to walk towards the hostel or camping. If you are traveling with heavy bags, you may want to negotiate with the cart drivers who are located near the port.

Caraíva na Bahia
Caraíva in Bahia

With every stroll along the beaches, every walk along the street that runs alongside the river, every moment with friends at the bar table or in contact with the children and Indians, the town reveals itself to be ever more beautiful and charming.

If your first wish is to dive into the clear waters of the Caraíva River, the best place for that is Ponta da Barra, where river and sea meet.

The beach that bears the same name as the village is also stunning. Approximately two kilometers of fine, clear sand and crystal clear water.

The sea is great for diving and sailing sports. For those who value a little healthy solitude, depending on the hour it is possible to have it all to yourself, a selfish but perfectly forgivable treat.

The Indian women with their many children soon appear offering necklaces, many of an extremely tasteful combination of seeds and colors, hanging from their arms. A great gift option.

Juacema Beach - Caraíva - Bahia
Juacema Beach

Of course, during the high season, the traffic of the large number of tourists through the streets, restaurants, markets and bars brings to Caraíva other sounds and another routine, but nothing that turns the place into a trendy resort. Ostentation does not match the village.

Video about Caraíva – Tourism Guide

Beaches of Caraíva

mapa da Costa do Descobrimento na Bahia
mapa da Costa do Descobrimento na Bahia

1. Praia Juacema (ou do Satu)

Greenish water, fine golden sand, breaking waves. There are lagoons near the shore.

2. Praia do Espelho

Praia do Espelho em Caraíva
Praia do Espelho em Caraíva

It was considered by Guia Quatro Rodas the most beautiful beach on the Brazilian coast for its calm and crystalline waters, natural pools, cliffs, reefs and rivers that flow into the sea giving a special charm to the coast of southern Bahia.

Located 21 km south of the village of Trancoso and 80 km from the city of Porto Seguro, this ecological paradise is part of two regions.

Praia do Espelho - Caraíva - Bahia
Praia do Espelho

Environmental Protection Areas and an Extractive Reserve.

Its name originated from the reflection of the sun’s rays in the sea, forming an immense mirror, when seen from above the boats.

Praia do Espelho is always highlighted in the main publications specialized in Tourism, making it preferred by those who appreciate beaches with privacy and exuberant nature.

3. Praia de Caraíva

Praia de Caraíva
Praia de Caraíva

It has similar characteristics to the previous one. There is a small settlement by the bar of the Caraíva River. Pedra de Tatuaçu is a reef (20′ by boat) very popular for diving.

It has hippy inns and simple restaurants.

4. Praia Barra Velha

It is 6 km south of Caraíva (access only on foot from the beach or by boat). Here is a village of the Pataxós Indians, already inside the Monte Pascoal National Park.

Praia da Barra em Caraíva
Praia da Barra em Caraíva is the largest tourism and travel guide for Bahia, Salvador and the Northeast.

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