Discovery Coast

Discovery Coast Tourism Guide

The Discovery Coast is a historical and tourist region located in the south of Bahia, famous for its beautiful beaches, cultural richness and historical importance, as it was where the Portuguese first landed in Brazil in 1500.

Here are some of the main destinations and attractions:

1. Porto Seguro

  • Historic Centre: Visit the Landmark of the Discovery, the historic churches (Church of Nossa Senhora da Pena and Church of São Benedito) and the Museum of the Discovery.
  • Passarela do Descobrimento (Alcohol Walkway): A promenade famous for its bars, restaurants and craft shops. Great for evening strolls and shopping.
  • Beaches: Praia de Taperapuã, Praia de Mundaí and Praia do Cruzeiro are some of the most popular, with beach huts and entertainment.

2. Arraial d’Ajuda

  • Rua do Mucugê: Known as ‘the most charming street in Brazil’, full of bars, restaurants, shops and live music.
  • Eco Parque Arraial d’Ajuda: A water park with various attractions for the whole family.
  • Beaches: Praia do Mucugê, Praia de Pitinga and Praia de Taípe are some of the most beautiful, with colourful cliffs and crystal-clear waters.

3. Trancoso

  • Quadrado Histórico: A square surrounded by colourful houses and the Church of São João Batista, with a breathtaking view of the sea.
  • Beaches: Praia dos Coqueiros, Praia dos Nativos and Praia do Rio da Barra are quiet and perfect for relaxing.
  • Nightlife: Sophisticated bars and restaurants with a bohemian chic atmosphere.

4. Caraíva

  • Vila de Caraíva: A rustic and charming destination, with sandy streets and no cars. Ideal for those seeking tranquillity.
  • Caraíva Beach: Known for its crystal-clear waters and unspoilt environment.
  • Meeting of the Caraíva River and the Sea: A beautiful spectacle of nature, perfect for swimming and water sports.

5. Santa Cruz Cabrália

  • Historic Centre: Visit the Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição and the Mirante, which offers a panoramic view of the region.
  • Beaches: Coroa Vermelha Beach, where the first mass was celebrated in Brazil, and Mutá Beach, with calm waters and tourist infrastructure.


  • History and Culture: Explore the historical sites and learn about the beginnings of Brazilian colonisation.
  • Beaches and Nature: Enjoy the paradisiacal beaches, go on boat trips, diving and snorkelling.
  • Gastronomy: Try Bahian cuisine, with specialities such as moqueca, acarajé, fresh fish and seafood.
  • Ecotourism: Explore trails, mangroves and nature reserves such as the Jaqueira Reserve and the Pau Brasil National Park.

Travelling Tips

  • Transport: Porto Seguro Airport is the main point of entry. From there, you can take buses, taxis or ferries to Arraial d’Ajuda, Trancoso and Caraíva.
  • Best Time to Visit: From September to March, when the weather is drier and sunnier. Avoid the rainy season from April to June.
  • Accommodation: There is a wide range of options, from charming inns and ecolodges to luxury resorts.

The Discovery Coast is a fascinating destination that combines history, culture and natural beauty, offering a rich and diverse experience for all types of travellers. Make the most of your visit to this enchanting region of Bahia!

Discovery Coast

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