Barra do Cahy is Brazil’s first beach

Barra do Cahy
Barra do Cahy

Barra do Cahy is located in the municipality of Prado, on the coast of the Costa das Baleias in the extreme south of Bahia.

In addition to the city of Prado with its 84 km of beaches and pure natural beauty, the district of Cumuruxatiba, and the village of Corumbau stand out.

The municipalities neighbouring Prado are Alcobaça, Itamaraju, Porto Seguro and Veredo.

Barra do Cahy is 18 kilometres from Cumuruxatiba and is a paradise with a beach of clear water that meets the river Cahy;

There are also large cliffs and many coconut trees.

From the sea in Barra do Cahy it is possible to see the Monte Pascoal, which is about 62 kilometres from the city of Porto Seguro and which, according to historical records, would have been the first portion of land sighted by Pedro Álvares Cabral and his crew.

Map of the Discovery Coast in Bahia

Barra do Cahy Beach

Barra do Cahy Beach received the national title of “First Beach of Brazil”.

Barra do Cahy beach is considered by historians as the region where the Portuguese first landed in Brazil.

Barra do Cahy - mapa do litoral de Prado na Bahia
coastal map of Prado in Bahia

Cahy River

Diving in the Cahy River is the best tip of this attraction, because its springs come from the National Parks of Descobrimento and Monte Pascoal, with absolutely clean waters.

Thus, the Cahy River still retains characteristics of the time of the discovery of Brazil.

Cahy Beach

Praia do Cahy is the greatest symbol of the coast of the discovery of Brazil because of the mouth of the Cahy River which in 1500 was the landing point of the caravan of Pedro Álvares Cabral captained by Nicolau Coelho, where he established contact with the Tupiniquins Indians and sighted the mount of the Monte Pascoal National Park and remained there for 40 hours moored on the banks of the Carapeba Coral Reef until the morning of 24 April.

The mouth of the Cahy River was given this name by the Portuguese crew, in tribute to the evening of 22 April 1500 when they reached the mouth.

Barra do Cahy Beach
Barra do Cahy Beach

And Monte Pascoal was named in honour of Easter week.

The cabralina squadron also spent another 40 hours in Porto Seguro where they found a safe landing to anchor and the other 6 days at the mouth of the Mutari River in Coroa Vermelha. – Tourism and Travel Guide to Salvador, Bahia and the Northeast of Brazil

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