Prado is the gateway to the Whale Coast

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Prado na Bahia
Prado in Bahia

The municipality of Prado in the Costa das Baleias in Bahia is the one with the largest tourist infrastructure in the region.

The town of Prado was founded in 1755 and preserves its 18th century houses, cobbled streets and churches.

There are 84 km of beaches, many of them next to cliffs, others next to mangroves, freshwater lagoons, streams, waterfalls and, of course, coconut trees.

Near the village of Cumuruxatiba flows the Cahy River, where the natives had the first contact with the Portuguese of Cabral’s squadron.

Prado on the southern coast of Bahia has a good hotel structure and is a festive town where traditions are preserved through music, dances and rituals.

Imposing cliffs of varying shades and rare beauty are interspersed with plains, calm beaches with warm and inviting waters, natural pools and coconut groves on its 84 kilometres of coastline.

Historic houses of Prado in Bahia
Historic houses of Prado

The balneário de Cumuruxatiba, the Tororão waterfall and the fishing village of Corumbau,  are among the most disputed attractions of the municipality of Prado, in the extreme south of Bahia.

Schooner rides provide unforgettable moments for those who want to enjoy nature.

Located exactly on the border between the Discovery Coast and the Whale Coast, Prado has recorded in its history the first contact between the Indians and the squadron of Pedro Álvares Cabral, at the mouth of the Cahy River, before arriving in Porto Seguro.

More than 500 years have passed, and the scenery of this region of the Cahy River is still the same as in the Brazil of the early years.

Church of Our Lady of Purification in Prado
Igreja da Nossa Senhora da Purificação

The same clouds and the same skies. The same winds and the same sea. Extensive necklaces of white beaches, where the same rivers flow. Green bars of woods and mangroves. Limestone barriers of pink colours.

Colonial streets, narrow and paved with cobblestones, old and charming houses dating from the seventeenth century, are home to residences, shops and bars, to top restaurants.

The coastline of Prado is all cut by kilometres of cliffs, engraved in a gradient of colours ranging from ochre, beige and red, with undergrowth covering some points.

mapa de Prado na Bahia
mapa de Prado na Bahia

See the map of the Whale Coast

Videos about Prado and Abrolhos in Bahia

Praias do município de Prado (from north to south)

Prado is located about two hours from Porto Seguro, the small town of Prado has 84 kilometres of quiet, practically deserted beaches, as well as cliffs 30 metres high located on the strip of sand known as Praia da Paixão, from where the more adventurous take paragliding flights.

Map of Prado Beaches in Bahia
Map of Prado Beaches

Another very famous beach is Cumuruxatiba, from which boat trips depart to spot humpback whales that, in the months of June to November, appear on the Bahian coast.

Most of the beaches in Prado have a similar setting – cliffs, coconut palms and streams.

Quati beach, without any infrastructure, is constantly quiet.

On the beaches of Paixão, Prado and Novo Prado the buzz is guaranteed due to the tents and kiosks. In the middle ground is Tororão, quiet and with a single kiosk.

1. Corumbau Beach 

Praia Corumbau em Prado
Praia Corumbau em Prado

Its main feature is a long (1.5 km) reef jetty, which juts out into the sea and disappears when the tide rises.

There is a lighthouse, fishing village, mangroves and many coconut trees. Good for snorkelling (at Recife dos Itacolomis, access by boat) and fishing.

2. Tauá Beach

With fine white sand, it has cliffs and coconut trees.

3. Barra do Cahy Beach

Praia da Barra do Cahy em Prado
Praia da Barra do Cahy em Prado

Bay with cliffs and reasonably strong waves. Dark sand (monazite), fine and soft. Good for fishing (bass), especially going up the gentle Rio Caí, by boat.

4. Calambrião Beach

Similar to the previous one. Access by farm.

Praia Calambrião em Prado
Praia Calambrião em Prado

5. Imbassuaba Beach

Praia de Imbassuaba em Prado
Praia de Imbassuaba em Prado

Cove with weak waves, deserted, with cliffs, coconut trees and almond trees on the dark and fine sand. Suitable for line fishing, kayaking and windsurfing.

6. Moreira Beach

Similar to the previous one. Access via a farm.

Praia do Moreira em Prado
Praia do Moreira

7. Praia do Rio do Peixe Pequeno e Grande

It is located next to the bar of a stream with clear waters. It has gentle waves and fine white sands.

8. Cumuruxatiba Beach

Cove with beaten sand, weak waves and shallow water (good for kayaking) and the coast is cut by reefs.

Praia Cumuruxatiba em Prado
Praia Cumuruxatiba em Prado

In the village of Cumuruxatiba, with few resources, there is an abandoned pier 650 metres long. Schooner trips depart from there to the Pataxós corals and Ponta do Corumbau. There are several inns, two campsites and many bars.

A village with just over 4000 inhabitants, located on the south coast of Bahia, between Prado and Porto Seguro. A tropical paradise that still preserves and makes a point of maintaining natural beauty, local culture, roots and customs.

A place of beautiful beaches, but also of excellent cuisine. From the roda de capoeira in the square to the indigenous influence that gives face and shape to the fishing village.

9. Dois Irmãos Beach

Praia Dois Irmãos em Prado
Praia Dois Irmãos

A 700-metre cove, lapped by weak waves, popular for windsurfing and kayaking. It has monazite sands very tines and cliffs.

10. Areia Preta Beach 

Praia de Areia Preta em Prado
Praia de Areia Preta

It is located in a cove with weak waves, where the cón’ego of the same name flows. It has a high concentration of monazite sands (dark) which contrast with the pale yellow of the rocks and cliffs (up to 30 metres high).

11. Japara Pequena Beach

Praia de Japara em Prado
Praia de Japara

Cliffs and mangroves make it difficult to access this cove with calm waters and monazite sands. Good for snorkelling and fishing.

12. Praia das Ostras 

Praia das Ostras em Prado
Praia das Ostras

Open sea, beaten by weak waves and with a wide strip of clear and fine sand, cut by several streams. Good for windsurfing.

13. Tororão Beach

Praia Tororão em Prado
Praia Tororão em Prado

A cove with green waters and fine, clear sand. A small waterfall cascades straight down to the beach on one of the stretches of its impressive cliffs.

14. Passion Beach

Praia Paixão em Prado
Praia Paixão em Prado

Suggestive name for this small cove with shallow, calm and warm waters. It has reefs close to the light and soft sand, cliffs, rocks and a stream. near the snack stalls. Access by a pinguela, over the stream. It has inns.

15. Viçosa Beach (or Amendoeira)

A solitary almond tree marks this straight beach with light, soft sand and cliffs. It is good for bass fishing.

16. Farol Beach

Praia do Farol em Prado BA
Praia do Farol em Prado BA

Extensive, it has greyish sand and a small stream to the north. There is a lighthouse and stretches with cliffs and reefs.

Trekking enthusiasts start hiking from the local campsite to the city of Santa Cruz Cabrália. It has a hotel, inns and camping.

17. Lagoa Pequena and Grande Beach

Praia Lagoa Grande em Prado
Praia Lagoa Grande

Straight, with rough waves crashing on fine white sand. They are increasingly urbanised and have snack stalls along the shore. In Lagoa Pequena there is a hotel.

18. Prado Beach

There are 2 kilometres of soft, golden sand and a sea with large waves, which becomes dangerous in the middle of the year (with strong winds).

There are inns, restaurants, bars and straw parasols with tables and benches. To the north is Novo Prado, the nearest neighbourhood, which also has a good infrastructure of inns and places to eat, as well as camping.

19. Barra Beach

It is beaten by strong waves, decorated by some coconut trees and has fine white sand. To reach it you have to cross the Jucuruçu River.

20. Quati Beach

This cove of calm and shallow waters has restinga vegetation and coconut palms on fine, loose sand. Sea rich in octopus and lobsters.

21. Guaratiba Beach

A long cove – 3 km – with no shade, soft golden sand and beaten by crashing waves. It is deserted, except for very simple fishermen’s houses.

Other points of interest in Prado

1. Barra do Cahy

The Barra do Cahy is a historical place, it was at the mouth of this river that the Portuguese of Cabral’s squadron replenished their drinking water and had the first contact with the Indians before arriving in Porto Seguro.

Barra do Cahy
Barra do Cahy

The exuberant nature motivates hiking or horseback riding along trails and boat trips upstream observing the mangroves, birds and vegetation.

Nearby, at Fazenda Cahy, there is a bar and restaurant. 52 km from the centre of Prado and 20 km from Cumuruxatiba.

2. Corumbau

The village of Corumbau is bustling during the summer, when groups of all ages arrive by boat from the Discovery Coast and the Whale Coast.

The place means in Tupi-Guarani “far from everything”, “end of the world and the beginning of the earth” or “far away place”. In other words, perfect – in low season – for you to hide.

Corumbau na Bahia

During the high season, there is a lot of movement; you come across people from all over, your favourite artist and sometimes even someone you don’t expect, like that sticky co-worker…

The village is on the border with the municipality of Porto Seguro. You can go kayaking on the river, visit the Monte Pascoal National Park, the village of Caraíva or take an excursion to dive in the corals of Pataxó and Itacolomis.

In Corumbau, as the differences between high and low tide are great, the reefs are exposed at low tide and submerged at high tide. 88 km from the centre of Prado. Take the BR-489 motorway to Guarani. Then 56 km on a dirt road.

Prado Tourism Guide on the Whale Coast

Tourism and travel guide to Prado in Bahia

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