Canindé do São Francisco

Canindé do São Francisco in Sergipe is the departure base for the tour boats that travel through the São Francisco canyon, as well as the Xingó Hydroelectric Plant, the Xingó Archaeological Museum and the Angico grove.

Discover caves with ancient paintings, follow the route of the cangaço, navigate through the canyons of the São Francisco River.

The marks left by Canindé survive time and go beyond the city through the memory of those who pass by.

With 2 km of extension, following the bed of a temporary river, the trail leads to the Valley of the Masters.

The three-thousand-year-old paintings are in the shelters at the foot of the walls.

Canindé do São Francisco also has another archaeological site, Mundo Novo, and the Xingó Archaeology Museum.

Canindé de São Francisco is 203 km from Aracaju, on the banks of the Velho Chico, on the border between Sergipe and Alagoas.

Navigating the river in schooners or catamarans is one of the main attractions of Canindé do São Francisco. Along the way there are islands, coves and caves, such as Talhado, a sanctuary of São Francisco.

The construction of the dam for the hydroelectric power station revealed the Xingó canyon. It is 65 km long and 170 metres deep and is ideal for canyoning.

From the Duas Irmãs site begins the Cangaço route, to Grota de Angico, where Lampião and Maria Bonita were killed in ambush.

The creation of the Xingó Hydroelectric Power Plant in the 1990s meant that much of the town had to move. Living among the marks of different pasts, the people of Canindé are reinventing their memory.

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