Cocoa Coast

The Cocoa Coast, located in the south of Bahia, is a region famous for its beautiful beaches, rich history and, of course, cocoa production.

Cacao Coast

Features and points of interest

  1. Ilhéus: One of the most important cities in the region, known for its beaches, such as Praia dos Milionários and Praia da Avenida, and for its historic centre, with highlights including the São Sebastião Cathedral and the Jorge Amado House.
  2. Itacaré: Popular with surfers and tourists in search of nature, Itacaré offers stunning beaches, ecological trails and waterfalls. Some famous beaches are Praia da Tiririca, Praia da Concha and Praia de Itacarezinho.
  3. Cacao: The region is traditionally known for its cocoa production, which is one of the main products of the local economy. You can visit cocoa farms and learn about the production process, from harvesting to chocolate making.
  4. Serra do Conduru State Park: This park covers areas of preserved Atlantic Forest and is an excellent destination for ecotourism, offering trails, waterfalls and a rich biodiversity.
  5. Cultural and Historical Tourism: In addition to its natural beauty, the Costa do Cacau has a rich cultural and historical heritage, with indigenous, African and European influences. Visiting museums, cultural centres and taking part in local events are great ways to get to know this diversity.

Main Tourist Attractions


  1. São Sebastião Cathedral: One of the city’s main postcards, the cathedral has impressive architecture and is a must-see.
  2. Casa de Jorge Amado: A museum dedicated to the famous Brazilian writer, where you can learn more about his life and work.
  3. Praia dos Milionários: Known for its long stretch of sand and tourist infrastructure, it is one of the most popular beaches in Ilhéus.
  4. Historical Centre of Ilhéus: Includes the Jorge Amado House of Culture, the Municipal Theatre and the Vesúvio Bar, famous in Jorge Amado’s books.


  1. Praia da Concha: One of the most popular beaches, with calm waters, ideal for swimming and relaxing.
  2. Tiririca Beach: Famous among surfers, it offers great waves and a relaxed vibe.
  3. Itacarezinho Beach: An extensive and paradisiacal beach, perfect for those seeking tranquillity.
  4. Tijuípe Waterfall: A beautiful waterfall surrounded by Atlantic Forest, ideal for a refreshing swim.


  1. Serra Grande: A charming village with viewpoints offering breathtaking views of the coast and nearby beaches.
  2. Praia de Pé de Serra: Known for its natural beauty and tranquillity, it is ideal for those looking for a quiet getaway.

Other Points of Interest

  1. Cocoa Farms: Guided tours of the cocoa farms are a unique experience to learn about the cultivation and production of chocolate.
  2. Serra do Conduru State Park: A paradise for nature lovers, with trails, waterfalls and rich biodiversity.
  3. Ecotourism: The region offers various ecotourism activities, such as hiking, kayaking and bird watching.

The Cocoa Coast is a region that combines exuberant natural beauty with a rich cultural and historical heritage, providing a complete experience for visitors.

Cocoa Coast

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Cocoa Coast

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