Canavieiras is a charming town on the south coast of Bahia

Canavieiras na Bahia
Canavieiras in Bahia

Canavieiras has a long and beautiful coastline, full of beautiful beaches, rivers, mangroves, coconut trees and small islands full of Atlantic Forest.

Get to know the town and stroll through the Historic Site, with its beautiful 18th and 19th century mansions, handicrafts, many restaurants and, at weekends, a variety of artistic shows.

Affectionately called Canes by locals and tourists, Canavieiras grew due to the cocoa culture.

But the name comes from the 17th century when a family called Vieira cultivated sugar cane in the region.

The houses with decorated façades and large wooded yards flank wide, well-landscaped streets.

Canavieiras is a charming town on the southern coast of Bahia, located on the Cacao Coast, between Ilhéus and Porto Seguro.

With approximately 35,000 inhabitants, the municipality stands out for the tranquility and safety with which residents and visitors enjoy their days, in total harmony with the still virgin natural beauties that the city has.

It offers all the necessary infrastructure for tourists, such as hotels, inns, beach huts, hospital, private clinics and lifeguards on the seafront.

It is in the Rio Pardo where fishing lovers have fun, fishing for bass, tucunarés and many other species, guided by local fishermen. Boat departures take place at Porto Grande.

Prefeitura Municipal de Canavieiras na Bahia
Prefeitura Municipal de Canavieiras na Bahia

On the high seas there is fishing for the Blue Marlin, the most coveted billfish in the world, carried out by specialised fishing companies.

In Porto Grande, an area preserved by the State Historical Heritage, as well as in the beach huts, it is possible to try the delights of Bahian and Canavieirense cuisine in several restaurants, surrounded by a landscape that will enchant you by its beauty and uniqueness.

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Tourist attractions of Canavieiras

1. Historical Centre

The city of Canavieiras itself is very charming. In the cobblestone streets of its historic centre (“Sítio Histórico”) there are shops, bars and restaurants operating in restored 18th and 19th century mansions;

Centro histórico de Canavieiras
Centro histórico de Canavieiras

Next to the Pardo River begins a stretch reserved for the memory of the Cocoa Cycle with historic buildings that remain preserved today.

There you will find the Praça da Bandeira, the Sítio Histórico, colourful houses from the 19th and 20th centuries, some of which even housed the Town Hall in 1899 and the Library in 1900.

map of the Cocoa Coast in Bahia
map of the Cocoa Coast in Bahia

Nearby is the Galeria do Porto, a great place for a history lesson with a collection that brings together period objects, antique furniture, clothes, whalebone, car parts and jewellery belonging to the wives of colonels in the cocoa era.

Some charming restaurants are also arranged there and at night they form a beautiful setting for a romantic dinner.

2. Tours

One of the best places in the world for blue marlin fishing and home to beautiful beaches, Canavieiras is a place reserved for those who love a marasmus.

Map of the Cocoa Coast in Bahia
Map of the Cocoa Coast in Bahia

Fishermen, bathers and windsurfers and other water sports enthusiasts are divided between the deserted beaches in the surroundings.

Walks on the Rio Pardo lead to mangroves and a visit to the Ecoparque de Una is a curious experience in the forest among species of native plants and animals. The historic centre also allows a return to the past of the Cocoa Cycle.

3. Rio do Prado

Varied routes lead to the mangroves and riverside communities of the region. Among the most popular tours are those that lead to the villages of Barra Velha – highlight for the medicinal mud bath – and Belmonte, at the mouth of the Jequitinhonha River. Boats and motorboats depart from the quay at Canavieiras harbour.

Three routes along the river lead to interesting mangroves, they are: Ilha das Garças with the right to dive in the mud, Barra do Peso in a deserted setting for bathing on the beach and even the town of Belmonte with historic houses.

Some other boat trips along the Rio Pardo also take you to Barra Velha where there are some riverside communities in the surroundings. The boats leave from the pier in Canavieiras.

4. Ecopark of Una

An extensive area of 383 hectares of pure Atlantic forest reserves interesting guided walks to rubber plantations where rubber extraction takes place, trails that lead to bridges that are true viewpoints.

When you least expect it, you may come across some species such as the golden lion tamarin, capuchin monkey and sloth. The park was created in 1997 and the tour lasts about two hours. It is necessary to book in advance.

5. Sport Fishing

One of the greatest spots in the world for sport fishing is in the neighbourhood. There you can find the blue marlin in gigantic proportions of up to one tonne.

Summer is the best time to go fishing and a world championship is held in November and December. It is 45 km from the coast.

6. Beaches of Canavieiras

Canavieiras has more than 40 km of coastline cut by rivers, as well as beautiful islands that are around the city. So you can already imagine how much natural beauty there is there.

We made a selection of the must-see beaches in the city for you to know the best when you are there.

6.1. Atalaia Beach

Get to know the Vila de Atalaia and the Island of Atalaia with its urban beaches of Costa (north) and Atalaia (south), with walks, sea bathing and typical foods of the region.

6.2 North Beach

Praia do Norte is south of the Isla de Comandatuba.

The beach has stretches of Atlantic Forest – approximately 11 km and is good for walking.

6.3 Barra do Albino Beach

Praia da Barra de Albino attracts many young people and is a beach that has a visual framed by a beautiful coconut grove.

The access to Barra de Albino is made by Praia da Costa and it has good infrastructure. It is a very popular beach for swimming and surfing, and has a good infrastructure.

Like other beaches in the city, at this point of the coast, the strip of sand is bordered by a showy coconut grove, which offers cool shade and forms a beautiful setting for photos.

Because it has many waves, the sea attracts many surfers, but if you do not surf, do not worry: the warm and crystal clear waters of Barra de Albino are also perfect for swimming!

Features: it has a bathing area, monazite sands, coconut trees, farms and holiday homes.

6.4 Costa Beach

This is the number 1 beach in Canavieiras, and also the most popular. It is located on the island of Atalaia and is the real point for those visiting Canavieiras.

Stretching over 6 km, it has a great infrastructure of stalls serving regional cuisine and seafood, as well as good drinks.

Praia da Costa has a beautiful view, surrounded by coconut trees and fine white sands that conquer even the most demanding.

In addition, it is good for surfing and ideal for a good swim.

Very quiet and super empty beach. Very suitable for those who want to enjoy the landscape and the beautiful sea of the northeast in complete tranquility.

I recommend taking a yoke or mat to lie on the sand and relax. There are kiosks that provide chairs and parasols.

Features: 6 km long, urban, is the most frequented. It has restinga vegetation and extensive coconut grove, as well as inns, chalets and great cabins.

Characteristics: 6 km long, urban, it is the most frequented.

Attractions: good for surfing, hiking and swimming. Much sought after due to the existence of monazite sands.

Attractions: good for surfing, hiking and swimming.

6.5 Barra de Canavieira Beachs

The beach of Barra de Canavieiras has a wide strip of sand, ideal for practising sports and taking a good walk.

The waters are very calm and are considered one of the best for swimming in the city.

In addition, on the beach there are several kiosks and stalls that offer typical dishes and seafood options.

Located after the village of Atalaia. It can be reached by boat or car.

Located after the village of Atalaia.

Features: it has beach huts.

Located after the village of Atalaia.

Attractions: good for bathing and hiking.

6.6 Barra Velha Beach

Bucolic beach with a unique look, Barra Velha Beach has mangroves, rivers, lagoons and beautiful coconut trees.

The sea there is calm and ideal for a good swim. And there is a different attraction at Barra Velha Beach which is clay that is around the beach and has several revitalising properties.

To get there is not very easy, and it is a little further from the centre (29km), so this is one of the most deserted beaches. You have to face a dirt road and a ferry crossing.

Access is via km 18 of the BA-001, entrance through the Cotovelo farm. After 6 km of dirt road, you can take the ferry across the Salgado River, with its exuberant mangroves and, right after the crossing, a dirt road between coconut trees, to reach the beach.

Features: coconut trees and large area of preserved Atlantic Forest.

Attractions: good for swimming, hiking and fishing with a reel.

6.7 Patipe Beach

A windsurfing and kayaking spot, Patipe beach is one of the beaches where the rivers mix with the sea and form a unique look!

It is also surrounded by coconut trees that, in addition to shade, yield beautiful photos!

Next to the Patipe river bridge

Features: coast surrounded by coconut trees. Fresh and salt water.

Attractions: good for fishing, kayaking and windsurfing.

6.8 Atalaia Beach.

Atalaia beach is in front of the village of Atalaia, has beach huts and good for swimming and hiking.

6.9 Praia do Sul

Access is by boat, by the river Pardo, has mangrove vegetation and coconut trees and good for fishing.

As in the South has cabins and is good for swimming and walking.

How to get to Canavieiras

The nearest airport to Canavieiras is Ilhéus Airport, which receives daily flights from several Brazilian capitals. From Ilhéus to Canavieiras the journey takes about 1h30 and access is via BA-001.

For those who prefer to go by car, the route is longer from Salvador, which is about 430 km from Canavieiras, and access is also via BA-001.

Now for those who choose to go to Canavieiras by bus, the companies Águia Branca, Novo Horizonte and São Geraldo make the journey to the city from Ilhéus.

Hostels in Canavieiras

1. Canes Porto Mar Hotel

Located in the city of Canavieiras, south of Bahia, the Canes Porto Mar Hotel is the ideal place to stay with your family. With 47 flats (120 beds), all equipped with air conditioning, TV, minibar, telephone and bathroom with hot shower. In the internal area, large garden, children’s playground, swimming pools, bar service, restaurant, laundry and private car park.

Av. Beira Mar
Praia da Costa, Ilha de Atalaia
Canavieiras – Bahia
Tels. (73) 3284-1072

2. Atlantic Hotel

The Atlantic Hotel is very well located, facing the sea, in Praia da Costa, Ilha de Atalaia, only 2 km from the city centre. From the Hotel you can reach the beach just by crossing the street.
Built in an area of 14,000 m2 in front of the sea, it has a private balcony in the flats overlooking the sea.

Av. Beira Mar, n°1000 – Ilha de Atalaia
Canavieiras, Bahia
Tels. (73)3284-2049

3. Pousada Aratama

Our pousada is located in front of the sea, in a spacious and cosy environment, with rustic and simple decoration, but of good taste.
We offer ten well ventilated flats, all of excellent quality, private balconies, ceiling fans, air conditioning and TV. We have swimming pools for adults and children, an internal area with a pleasant garden for your leisure, and a bar that works together with the veranda where we serve a delicious and varied breakfast.

Av. Beira-Mar, 1200 – Praia da Costa – Canavieiras – Bahia

5. Pousada Frederic

Praça Eduardo Campos 51 – Centro
CEP 45860-000 – Canavieiras – Bahia


It has flats and chalets with air conditioning, minibar, TV and hammocks on the balcony for your leisure. Wide leisure area totally wooded with swimming pool, bar and restaurant.

Rua Beira Mar s/n – Praia da Costa – Canavieiras – Bahia
Tels.(73) 3284 – 1242 is the largest tourism and travel guide for Bahia and Salvador.

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