The agreste of Pernambuco has a mild climate, forest trails, waterfalls and the Catimbau National Park, as well as culture and interesting cities such as Gravatá, Caruaru, Garanhuns Fazenda Nova and Nova Jerusalem.

Agreste Pernambuco is an extreme sports paradise. Bonito, with eight waterfalls ranging from 2 to 30 metres high, offers adventurers breathtaking trails, tree climbing, trekking and rappelling. Formed by the waters of the Verdinho River and Águas Vermelhas stream, the waterfalls of Bonito make up one of the most beautiful landscapes in the state.

Also in the agreste of Pernambuco, one of the attractions is the climate.

The town of Gravatá, 80 km from Recife, is at an altitude of 447 metres. In June and July, the low temperatures, the activities that characterise country life and the local cuisine attract thousands of visitors. In the higher-altitude towns on the so-called Borborema Plateau, the cold has inspired cultural events such as the Garanhuns Winter Festival. The municipality, 230 kilometres from Recife, has hosted one of the largest music festivals in the state for over twenty years.