Sergipe has attractive prices and a combination of natural beauty and historical treasures, such as Laranjeiras, São Cristóvão and the São Francisco river canyon.

Located in the north-eastern region of the country, Sergipe is a pleasant surprise in national tourism, thanks to its natural beauty, culture and history.

The average annual temperature of the state is 26ºC, an excellent reason to splash around in the warm waters of the Sergipe coast.

The beaches do not have the same hype as the beaches of other northeastern states, but they are rich in infrastructure and variety of tours, which even in high season are usually very affordable.

The Aracaju waterfront is very well maintained, especially Atalaia beach, which has an extensive and safe cycle path, kiosks and sports courts.

Nearby is the Passarela do Caranguejo, a place full of bars and restaurants offering the best of Sergipe cuisine.

Also in Aracaju, tourists should visit the Oceanarium maintained by the TAMAR project, which aims to protect sea turtles and other species.

Sergipe reserves cultural attractions in the cities of São Cristóvão and Laranjeiras, small towns that reveal through architecture and handicrafts a little of the state’s history.

And to delve even deeper, head to the Museum of the Sergipana People, where a permanent exhibition reveals the festivals, gastronomy and culture of the Sergipano with a lot of technology and creativity.

In the interior of Sergipe, near the border with Alagoas, you will find the region of the Delta of the São Francisco River, a place with white sand dunes, coconut trees and natural pools.

In the city of Canindé de São Francisco, you will find the Xingó Canyon, the 5th largest navigable flooded canyon in the world.

Through it the tourist enjoys a unique look, a true oasis in the middle of the northeastern hinterland, composed of reddish and grey granite rocks on the slope, in addition to the different species of birds and reptiles and caatinga vegetation. It is possible to take boat, schooner and catamaran trips to admire the place.

Sergipe is truly amazing, as there are few places that make it possible to enjoy stunning landscapes, beaches, rivers, canyons and mountains, rich culture, historic cities and sun all year round. And Sergipe provides all this to its visitors.


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