Santa Luzia Island is a refuge for surfers and fishermen in Sergipe

Santa Luzia Island in Sergipe
Santa Luzia Island in Sergipe

Santa Luzia Island in the municipality of Barra dos Coqueiros are located the beaches of Atalaia Nova, da Costa and Jatobá 1 km from Aracajú, separated only by the Sergipe River.

There are also mangroves, rivers and the Atlantic Ocean, the municipality Barra dos Coqueiros has landscapes that leave any tourist enchanted.

An almost wild beauty, but with good infrastructure still little explored.

The beaches of the island of Santa Luzia in Sergipe are a haven for fishermen, surfers and nature lovers.

We can divide the tourist importance of Santa Luzia Island into two moments: before and after 2006.

The Construtor João Alves Bridge (Aracaju-Barra dos Coqueiros Bridge), connecting the capital of Sergipe to the island, which is actually a peninsula formed by the curves of the Sergipe River and the Atlantic Ocean, was inaugurated in 2006.

The objective of the Aracaju-Barra dos Coqueiros Bridge was to  create a road link between Aracaju and the port of the State of Sergipe, on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, within the Municipality of Barra dos Coqueiros and the beaches of the north coast. With the work, the northern coast of the state, which runs from the mouth of the Sergipe River to the mouth of the São Francisco River, became more accessible to tourism in Aracaju. 

The municipality of Barra de Coqueiros and a huge beach with several semi-deserted stretches amid coconut trees and mangroves form the island of Santa Luzia.

Those looking for busy nights should cross the bridge and head towards Praia da Atalaia, the busiest in Aracaju.

The Aracaju-Barra dos Coqueiros Bridge is one of the paths that lead to the island of Santa Luzia, it is only a ten-minute trip.

The other way is by the Sergipe River, which separates Aracaju from a paradise called Santa Luzia Island. The crossing is made in a small boat called “tototó”.

The boat is very rustic and takes this name because of the noise of the engine. The ticket costs one real and every 15 minutes there are tototó mooring on both banks of the river.

Ilha de Santa Luzia em Sergipe
Ilha de Santa Luzia em Sergipe

The boats are so common that they are already part of the river landscape. The trip to Barra dos Coqueiros takes just over five minutes.

Videos about Santa Luzia Island and Barra Grande in Sergipe.

There are few accommodation options, but comfortable ones.

There is no stress or worry that can resist places like Capuã beach. In this part of the coast, the waves are the biggest attraction and the place is the favorite of surfers.

The tip for visitors is to wait for the end of the afternoon and enjoy the sunset.

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