South coast of Sergipe attracts tourists in search of tranquility

Beaches of the south coast of Sergipe
Beaches of the south coast of Sergipe

The beaches of the southern coast of Sergipe, about 163 km long between the mouth of the São Francisco River to the north and the Rio Real to the south, still retain many of its beaches practically wild.

There are 15 main beaches that make up the Sergipe coast: Praia do Saco, Praia das Dunas, Abaís, Caueira, Mosqueiro, Praia do Refúgio, Náufragos, Praia do Robalo, Aruana, Atalaia – Aracaju, Praia dos Artistas, Atalaia Nova, Praia da Costa, Jatobá and Pirambu.

To leave Aracaju towards the south coast of Sergipe, the main access is through the Melício Machado highway.

Along the way, tourists will find coconut water, boiled peanuts and the colorful handicrafts of Sergipe.

The first stop is an appetizer of the trip: the Orla Pôr do Sol located on the banks of the Vaza Barris River, from where boats leave every day for a tour of beaches and rivers.

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Beaches of the South Coast of Sergipe

The path of the waters begins by the Rio Vaza Barris, surrounded by mangroves. Gradually, the landscape changes: it is when the boat approaches the mouth of the river. The sea is all around the region and the waters form little beaches with warm and calm waters.

Along the tour, it is possible to find several sandbanks, all full of natural pools, an invitation to relax, slow down and contemplate a little piece of paradise. If the visitor is lucky, he can find some sandbanks isolated from everything and everyone.

You can feel like the master of the piece for a few hours until the tide rises.

“You have a lot of contact with nature, tranquillity, peace, no noise, no music. So you’re really calm”.

For those who prefer busier places, there are islets that welcome families and groups of friends, where you can practice stand up paddle. You can paddle without fear and get to know every piece of this place up close.

Map of Sergipe Beaches
Map of Sergipe Beaches

Caueira Beach and Coqueirinho Beach

To get to Praia da Caueira and Praia do Coqueirinho on the south coast of Sergipe, leaving Aracaju, it is 30 kilometers along the SE-100 highway.

Along the way, tourists can stop on the road where artisans sell pieces made of caatinga vine and coconut fiber.

This little piece of the south coast of Sergipe has the charm of a summer beach, but without the hustle and bustle.

The Praia da Caueira has a delicious breeze that does not let anyone feel hot.

The water temperature is between 25ºC and 28ºC, but it is the quietness that makes this a special beach. The dunes are not so extensive, but have a beautiful view.

At low tide you can go along the beach or rent a buggy to visit a paradise, which is only available for six hours, when the tide is low: the Praia do Coqueirinho, which gets its name because of the small coconut trees that reign quietly in the place.

Between the sea and the coconut trees runs a branch of the river that flows into the beach. The sunlight reflected on the water produces a disconcerting image.

The Praia do Coqueirinho, still little explored, is suitable for those who want to escape schedules, stress and just want to relax. The only problem is that with so much peace and beauty who arrives at the place has no desire to return home.

To stay longer in this paradise, the tourist has options of simple but comfortable inns, overlooking the sea. The restaurants offer typical dishes, such as the tasty chicken d’angola, which is very successful.

Following the trip along the south coast of Sergipe, it is also worth visiting Praia do Abaís, which is just ahead.

Those who follow this direction can hardly resist a stop at the stalls that are on the banks of the highway. They all sell the delicious mangaba, a typical fruit of Sergipe. The fruit is sweet and the juice refreshing and tasty.

Praia do Abaís

The Praia do Abaís is a vacation spot. It has good waves and is therefore a surfers’ spot.

The combination of fine sand, warm waters and sun all year round are the main attractions.

Places to stay in the region are not a problem. There are several inns, most with swimming pool. To satisfy your hunger, the suggestion is a rich table with fish and seafood from the region.

Beaches of the Sergipe coast
Beaches of the Sergipe coast

In Abaís, the visitor also has the privilege of choosing the type of bath. On one side is the rough sea on a huge stretch of beach.

And on the other, a few meters away, the tranquility of a lagoon with tea-colored water.

Praia do Saco

Praia do Saco on the south coast of Sergipe, near the border with Bahia, we find the most beautiful beach in the state.

Praia do Saco or Boa Viagem, as it is also known, is located in the municipality of Estância, 68 km from the capital, Aracaju.

Praia do Saco em Sergipe
Praia do Saco

With a small cove of 5 km, the Praia do Saco contains the main ingredients for a perfect movie set: white and soft sand, calm and crystalline sea, several coconut trees and rock formations that finish composing the landscape.

The Praia do Saco is divided into two and, during the week in low season, both are almost deserted.

On weekends or holidays, the first part of the beach, located on the left, has more movement due to the infrastructure offered to tourists.

For those seeking more peace, the second part of the beach is more recommended. With only one kiosk, it is the most deserted side. In addition to the beautiful natural landscapes, we have among the few, but luxurious, houses by the sea, a chapel built in 1938, which is closed.

According to a local resident, the bishop of the city of Estância removed the saints for fear that the sea would advance on the chapel. The place housed the images of Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem and Jesus de Boa Viagem, patron saints of the village.

On the horizon, you can see Mangue Seco, the last beach in the north of the state of Bahia. The beauties of this beach were shown in 1989, in the soap opera “Tieta”, an adaptation of the novel “Tieta do Agreste”, by the Bahian writer Jorge Amado.

Mangue Seco

From Praia do Saco it is possible to go by speedboat to Mangue Seco.

The tour makes its first stop at Ilha da Sogra, a sandbank about one km long, visible only at low tide.

In addition to the beautiful look of the place, on one side it is bathed by the Real River and on the other, by the sea. The boat also passes by the beautiful tip of Saco Island.

Lagoa dos Tambaquis or Lagoa Cristal

10 km from Saco Beach on the south coast of Sergipe, also in the municipality of Estância, is located the 20 km long Abaís Beach.

Lagoa dos Tambaquis em Sergipe

Unlike its neighboring beach, the waters are already rough, which makes it coveted by surfers and kitesurfers.

Lagoa dos Tambaquis em Sergipe
Lagoa dos Tambaquis

The main attraction of Abaís Beach is Lagoa Grande, also known as Lagoa dos Tambaquis and Lagoa Cristal. Nine kilometers long, it is the largest natural lagoon in Sergipe.

Located inside a campsite, it is possible to visit the lagoon and swim among the tambaquis, which weigh up to 20 kg.

Visitors can also feed them, giving them in the mouth the feed purchased on site. In addition to these huge fish, about ten other species can be found in the lagoon.

Tourism and Travel Guide to the Beaches of the South Coast of Sergipe and the Northeast of Brazil

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