Best destinations on the Cocoa Coast in Bahia

Costa do Cacau na Bahia
Cocoa Coast in Bahia

Cocoa Coast or Costa do Cacau is a region of extraordinary scenic beauty that still preserves little altered natural landscapes.

True ecological paradises on the Cocoa Coast – always marked by the exuberant presence of the Atlantic Forest, considered by the world scientific community as one of the richest ecosystems in biodiversity on the planet.

The Cocoa Coast comprises the municipalities of Ilhéus, Itabuna, Uruçuca, Itacaré, Una, Canavieiras and Santa Luzia.

A scenario of dense historical and cultural significance that permeates three great circles of Brazilian history: that of pau-brasil, that of sugarcane and the cacau, it is home to an enchanting landscape that sometimes reminds us of the primitive lands that the Tupiniquin Indians had to hand over to the Portuguese coloniser in the 16th century.

There are forests, rivers, waterfalls, rapids, trails, beaches, mangroves, mountains, caves, viewpoints, cocoa farms, ecological reserves, theme parks and environmental protection areas that make up one of the regions of the state most dedicated to the encounter with nature.

mapa da Costa do cacau na Bahia
map of the cocoa coast in Bahia

And all of this benefits from the abundance of sunshine.

In addition to this diverse scenery, there is an important cultural legacy: the historical sites, with their old houses, chapels and churches; the old mills; the popular festivals, religious traditions, rich handicrafts, and the customs of the local people, including a typical cuisine based on fish and seafood.

But there is more: the stories and legends preserved in the collective memory of the people of the region, and transmitted through generations by oral tradition: the Bahians have the soul of historians.

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Best destinations on the Cocoa Coast

1. Ilhéus

The best known city of the Cacao Coast is Ilhéus, surrounded by beautiful beaches, incredible parties and impeccable gastronomy, the gateway to the Coast is a place to know and be enchanted.

Immortalised by Jorge Amado, Ilhéus has been increasingly sought after by travellers who are looking for beautiful beaches and incredible landscapes in Bahia.

It is, without a doubt, the perfect place to start an unforgettable trip on the Cocoa Coast.

Map of beaches in southern Bahia
Map of beaches in southern Bahia

2. Itacaré

Itacaré is a stronghold of beautiful beaches located on the coast of Bahia.

About 72 kilometres from Ilhéus, the former fishing village is a paradisiacal destination with excellent accommodation, gastronomy and entertainment.

Enjoy the charms of this incredible city, from ecotourism, through the trails with fantastic rivers and waterfalls, to the trendy historic centre with crowded kiosks at night, to the beautiful beaches of the region. You will fall in love with Itacaré!

3. Maraú

The district of Maraú, also known as the Peninsula of Maraú is one of the spectacular itineraries for those seeking tranquillity and peace.

Less popular than the others, Maraú preserves a calm identity for those looking to relax in one of the most beautiful destinations in Bahia.

At dusk, it is common to see capoeira circles in the central square. An unmissable trip from Maraú is to visit the natural pools of Taipu de Fora, where, at low tide, colourful fish make the environment even more beautiful for divers.

4. Serra Grande

Between the sea and the green coastline that runs along the entire southern coast of Bahia lies Serra Grande. In an area composed of immense coconut groves, waterfalls and long beaches with warm waters, practically deserted, the small village appears to offer much more than the stunning viewpoint. Serra Grande offers fun and adventure options in a region considered a World Natural Heritage Site.

Almost halfway between Ilhéus and Itacaré, the Serra Grande viewpoint is a mandatory stop for those who want to admire the beauty of the local beaches.

From there you can see the wide stretch of coastline with calm, warm blue waters that reveal the city of Ilhéus (30km away) in the background. The village of Serra Grande, at 80 metres above sea level, is very close to the viewpoint and also invites you to visit. is the largest tourism and travel guide for Bahia and Salvador.

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