Porto Seguro Nightlife in Bahia

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Porto Seguro Nightlife
Porto Seguro Nightlife

The nightlife in Porto Seguro is divided into two parts. The first one consists of a walk, in the early evening, on the Passarela do Álcool.

The street is in the center of Porto Seguro and is full of colorful colonial buildings from the 17th century that house bars with live music, restaurants, stores and boutiques.

At dusk, the space is invaded by craft stalls and beats – among them, the typical Capeta, based on vodka, guarana powder and condensed milk.

Around midnight it’s time to head out for some partying, which doesn’t end until daylight. A pool, made up of the main nightclubs and beach huts, has created a fixed agenda with events every night (each night in one place), from Sunday to Sunday.

On the program, luaus with bonfires and axé and forró performances in the Axé Moi, Tôa-Tôa or Barramares tents; and shows in the Alcatraz, Transylvania or Pirate Island nightclubs. In all points there is always an environment reserved for MPB.

See the map of Porto Seguro beaches.

Porto Seguro na Bahia
Porto Seguro

If none of the two stages appeals to you, the alternative is to go to “O Beco”, a lane at the end of the Passarela do Álcool in Porto Seguro.

Much quieter and with pleasant bars, it is the perfect setting for a beer or dinner to the sound of voice and guitar.

See the map Costa do Descobrimento.

Or cross the Buranhém River and enjoy the sophisticated buzz of Arraial d’Ajuda, with its trendy bars and restaurants.

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