Naturist Beaches in the Northeast and Brazil

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Naturismo no Nordeste e Brasil
Naturism in the Northeast and Brazil

Naturism and nudism are officially permitted on eight beaches in Brazil.

Three nudist or naturist beaches are in Santa Catarina (Pedras Altas, in Palhoça; Galheta, in Florianópolis; Praia do Pinho, in Balneário Camboriú), two in Rio de Janeiro (Olho de Boi, in Búzios; Abricó, in the capital); one in Espírito Santo (Barra Seca, in Linhares); one in Bahia (Massarandupió, in Entre Rios) and one in Paraíba (Tambaba, in Conde).

It is common among lay people to have confusion between the terms surrounding this topic.

Many people think that nudism, naturism and naturalism are the same thing, but not quite.

Videos about naturism at Tambaba beach and Colina do Sol RS

The terms naturism, nudism and naturalism


Naturism is the complete doctrine. A way of life that advocates harmony with nature, expressed by the way of dressing (nudism), eating, treating diseases and living.


Nudism is within the concept of naturism. It consists of staying in social environments without any clothes – total nudity, but without sexual or moral connotations.


Naturalism has a different concept from nudism and naturism. Doctrine that defends nature as the only superior being, denying the existence of the transcendent and the supernatural.

None of the terms and practices have connection with sexual practices, fetishes, voyeurism, swing, or anything like that.

Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of nudity in public with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and the environment.”

International Naturist Federation Official definition of naturism.

See the main naturist beaches in Brazil

Massarandupió Beach in Bahia

In Bahia, the only place destined for naturism is Massarandupió Beach, 93km from Salvador.

Naturismo naPraia nudista de Massarandupió, Sítio do Conde, Bahia
Massarandupió nudist beach, Sítio do Conde, Bahia, Brazil

Known for its dunes, it is one of the most traditional in the country and attracts bathers for its beauty. The area is 2km long, but only 800 metres are actually used by naturists.

Another difference is the river that runs nearby and flows into the sea.

Nature has been generous with the region. To complete the scenery of the beach, two tents offer infrastructure for those who frequent the place. Massarandupió is not only to be enjoyed during the day.

In high season, naturists often organise luaus and parties by the sea, and on New Year’s Eve there is a big celebration.

The beach is in an environmental protection area and is a nudist destination on the Bahian Green Line. To the right of the car park, it is compulsory to take off your clothes in the area secluded by the white dunes of the fishing village. Access via a precarious dirt road also keeps the curious away.

Abricó Beach in Rio de Janeiro

In the western region of the capital of Rio de Janeiro is Abricó beach, in Grumari, near the Bandeirantes Reserve and Barra da Tijuca.

Naturismo na Praia nudista do Abricó (Praia de Grumari), Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Naturism on the nudist beach of Abricó (Grumari Beach), Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

This beach follows another rule. The Abricó Naturist Association is only present on non-rainy weekends and holidays. Therefore, complete nudity is only allowed on these days.

During the week, it is at the discretion of the visitor whether to wear clothes or not.

In an environmental preservation area, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Rio, surrounded by hills with restinga vegetation. It is worth paying attention to the landscape during the journey: the access, through Av. Estado da Guanabara, is charming.

The naturist part of Grumari is called Praia do Abricó and is located on the left side of the beach. The waves are strong and attract surfers

Elho de Boi Beach in Rio de Janeiro

In the lakes region of Búzios, there are 50 metres of beach that are completely open to nudists. Those who visit the intimate Olho de Boi Beach know that it can be travelled in 15 minutes on foot.

Naturismo na Praia nudista Olho de Boi, Búzios, Rio de Janeiro
Nudist beach Olho de Boi, Búzios, Rio de Janeiro

The turquoise water with greenish tones and totally crystalline are home to marine animals such as rays, fish and corals that can be seen with a simple dive.

To reach the place, you need to take a trail of approximately 30 minutes.

The hidden paradise is near Praia Brava.

The name was given due to a fruit found in the place that is similar to an ox eye. As there are no tents, those who go to spend the day should bring food and water, as the beach is totally deserted.

The steep, unmarked trail from the right-hand corner of Praia Brava takes about 20 minutes, but Olho-de-Boi is well worth the effort.

The prize is the crystal clear sea, where you can see fish even without a mask.

Tambaba Beach in Paraíba

The first nudist beach in the Northeast, officialised in 1991, Tambaba has become the most famous in Brazil. Formed by cliffs, woods, rocks and natural pools, it has the infrastructure of naturist restaurants and inns.

Tambaba beach is divided into two parts: one where it is mandatory to take off your clothes and another where staying dressed is allowed.

Tambaba Beach was the first to be released for nudism in the Northeast, in 1991. With exuberant cliffs, it is located in the municipality of Conde, 42km from João Pessoa.

Naturismo na Praia de Tambaba na Paraíba
Praia de Tambaba in Paraíba

There is a peculiarity at this beach: unaccompanied men are forbidden to enter the nudist area.

Those who wish to discover the beauties of Tambaba, but do not want to join the naturist movement, can enjoy the area where the use of clothes is mandatory.

As it is surrounded by very high rocks, access to the nudist area is practically impossible if you do not go through the main entrance.

praia de Tambaba na Paraíba
praia de Tambaba in Paraíba

It became famous for becoming, in 1991, the first official nudist beach in the Northeast.

But it already deserves attention for its beauty: the strip of sand is small, but surrounded by cliffs, coconut trees and restinga vegetation. From the main access there is a small stretch for those who prefer to wear swimsuits.

Then there is a bar and some rocks, which mark the beginning of the 300 metres of the nudist part. Men unaccompanied by women are not allowed to enter. No filming or photography is allowed either

Galheta Beach in Santa Catarina

Unlike Tambaba, nudism is optional in Galheta. Located 15 km from Florianópolis, the beach is frequented by naturists and residents of the island, but does not have an infrastructure of restaurants or inns.

Naturismo na Praia da Galheta, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina
Praia da Galheta, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina

Nudity is permitted, but not compulsory. Therefore, in addition to naturists, the place also attracts surfers looking for radical waves.

Located within a municipal park, to get there, you need to walk a 15-minute trail from Praia Mole.

Because it has a large strip of sand, the beach becomes very private. Another differential of Galheta is that unaccompanied men can freely enter the beach, which makes it an LGBT hotspot during the high season.

The isolation has made the beach a favourite spot for naturists – but you don’t have to take your clothes off to visit the most unspoilt parts of the island.

Starting from the left corner of Praia Mole, you can walk 15 minutes over rocks to find a calmer sea and a small strip of sand protected by cliffs.

Praia de Pedras Altas, Palhoça SC – Nudist Beach

Located 30 km from the centre of Florianópolis, Pedras Altas Beach in Palhoça is the third and last beach in Santa Catarina.

Naturismo na Praia Pedras Altas em Santa Catarina
Praia Pedras Altas in Santa Catarina

The beach is divided by rocks and vegetation that separate unaccompanied bathers from couples and families.

Divided into two small and paradisiacal beaches, the Praia de Pedras Altas is surrounded by a lot of vegetation. The many rocks that enter the sea provide a beautiful view. Tourists also find an exuberant flora composed of bromeliads, palm trees, wild fruits and fig trees. All this beauty is part of the Reserva Biológica da Serra do Tabuleiro.

Praia Pedras Altas em Santa Catarina
Praia Pedras Altas in Santa Catarina

Although the beach is public, it is supervised by the local Naturist Club. To enter this beautiful beach of crystal clear waters, serene and difficult to access, the visitor must not be dressed, as it is a nudist beach.

So, if you want to visit the Praia de Pedras Altas, leave the shame at home. On one side are families and couples and on the other side of the beach, singles.

Barra Seca Beach in Espírito Santo

Located 54km from Linhares and 142km from Vitória, the first nudist beach in Espírito Santo is a private paradise. Because it is on an island, access is by boat.

Naturismo na Praia nudista de Barra Seca, Linhares, Espírito Santo
Nudist beach of Barra Seca, Linhares, Espírito Santo

To get to Barra Seca, you have to cross the Ipiranga River. The entire beach is 10km long, but only 200 metres are designated for nudism.

Within the naturist area, there are two divisions: one for couples and families and another for singles. There is the option of accommodation in the campsites that exist there. The site has water and electricity.

The secluded 250-metre stretch of sand can be reached by a 5-minute boat ride across the Ipiranga River. You need to stop the car on the road and look for the boatmen (arrange the return time).

The good news is that the beach has kiosks, toilets and showers.

Barra Seca naturist condominium

Barra Seca condominium was built near the only beach in Espírito Santo where you can be without clothes by the sea; see reports from those who live there.

Condomínio naturista Barra Seca
Barra Seca naturist condominium

The only naturist beach in Espírito Santo, where you can sunbathe and swim completely naked, has so inspired its regulars that they decided they wouldn’t just go without clothes on that stretch of coastline.

They embraced the philosophy of naturism to such an extent that they built a residential condominium where clothes are the last thing on their minds.

The feat began back in 1999, when a group of 10 adherents decided to found the Barra Seca Condominium. The name is the same as the beach, located in the district of Barra Seca, in São Mateus, a city in the Northern Region.

Currently, the condominium has ten units, with eight owners and three permanent residents. There, freedom reigns, but according to each person’s wishes.

Whoever wants to stay dressed can. Those who want to stay as they came into the world, are also welcome, which is the case of most of those who frequent there. 

Praia do Pinho in Santa Catarina

Recognised in 1986, this was the first official nudist beach in Brazil.

Naturismo na Praia nudista do Pinho, Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina
Pinho nudist beach, Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Located 80km from Florianópolis, the place has a good infrastructure to receive bathers.

With parking, inns, restaurants and camping areas, those who go to Balneário Camboriú and want to experience naturism should visit Praia do Pinho.

The area destined for nudism is a 50m strip and there is a division. In the first part, nudism is partial. It is recommended that people who are going for the first time and are not comfortable with the situation stay in this part.

In the second part, it is mandatory for the bather to practise total nudism. To stay in the area, you must acquire a naturist passport that can be requested from the Brazilian Federation of Naturism on the official website (

There is no need to take off your clothes to visit the first official naturist beach in the country, with strong waves and cliffs covered with native forest.

In the car park and at the inn located on the property, many people do not adhere to the nude – there are those who come just to have a beer and watch the movement on the sand – anyone who steps on it must take off their clothes

Enseada do Brito, Balneário Camboriú in Santa Catarina

The two cliffs of vegetation, large rocks and calm sea help to make this beach – actually two 100-metre beaches – official as a naturist stronghold.

Naturismo na Enseada do Brito, Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina
Enseada do Brito, Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina

People with clothes on are not allowed to enter. Access is via the road that leaves Enseada do Brito.

Naturism and nudism in the Northeast and Brazil

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