Iguaí in Bahia is for tourists who like contact with nature

Iguaí na Bahia
Iguaí in Bahia

The tourist potential of the municipality of Iguaí, located in the Southwest region of the State of Bahia, is mainly reflected in its beautiful natural landscapes, trails, waterfalls and rivers, which form a mosaic of scenic beauty, providing rare moments of leisure, relaxation and joy to visitors.

Three kilometers from the city of Iguaí, there is one of the beauties most enjoyed by iguaienses and tourists: the waterfall located at the meeting of the rivers Preto and Gongogi.

It is a place of immense beauty, where a spa was built, which has been operating since 1996.

It was created out of a need for the municipality, since there was none in the region even though the natural resources were conducive to bathing.

The place, privileged with the beauty of an enchanting waterfall, receives numerous visitors, especially at weekends, who go to have fun and relax by the river.

Another place much sought after by the visitors of the balneário is the Véu de Noiva, a waterfall where bathers cool off in the waters coming from the Rio Preto.

Iguaí na Bahia

For those who enjoy rural and adventure tourism, and discovering new routes, there is no better option.

With no less than 600 springs and small rivers, cut by the great Gongogi River and with a cartel of 180 waterfalls and cascades, valleys and mountains, the municipality of Iguaí lies between two major cities of the state – Ilhéus and Vitória da Conquista, – between the developed South and Southwest regions of Bahia.

It is 497 kilometers from Salvador, 130 kilometers from Ilhéus and 120 kilometers from Vitória da Conquista, but is distinguished by the development of ecotourism.

Cachoeira de Bequinha em Iguaí
Cachoeira de Bequinha in Iguaí

There are several trails that enchant, such as those of Rio Preto, with more than nine waterfalls; Riachão de Camberiba, with the beautiful waterfalls of Bequinha and Dino; Rio do Silvano, with more than 15 waterfalls; Rio dos Índios and Gongogi, where the visitor is dazzled by a scenario of rare natural beauty with valleys, corras and rapids.

Cachoeira de Dino em Iguaí
Cachoeira de Dino em Iguaí

With a large number of rivers, mountains, waterfalls and rock formations ideal for ecological and adventure tourism, Iguaí is still a municipality with little urban infrastructure, with small inns and restaurants.

But it is in the countryside, full of dairy and beef cattle farms, as well as plantations of cocoa and sugar cane that tourists have direct contact with life in the countryside, taking advantage of the trails and walks that the potential of the region offers.

Waterfalls and Mountains

Just over three kilometers from the city there is the waterfall located at the meeting of the rivers Preto and Gongogi.

A spa was built there, which has been operating since 1996. It is important, however, to always be accompanied by guides who know the trails of the region.

In addition to the Rio Preto/Goingogi waterfall, another popular spot is the “bride’s veil”, which is a waterfall where bathers cool off in the waters coming from the Preto River.

One of the most attractive points is Serra do Ouro, 20 kilometers from the city, with its 1,226 meters of altitude, from where you can see a beautiful panoramic view.

Another point is the Serra do Jaguar, with 1,220 meters, whose name refers to the existence of jaguars in the place, at the time when there were still indigenous people who inhabited the region.

Other elevations are the Serra das Sete Voltas, in the limits with the municipality of Poções and Nova Canaă, Serra da Altamira, on the border with the municipality of Dário Meira, Serra da Agua Verde, Serra do Rio Preto, Serra da Água Vermelha, Serra do Tomba Morro, Serra da Água Bela and Serra das Piabas.

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