Buggy ride in the dunes of Rio Grande do Norte

Passeio de buggy no litoral do RN
Buggy ride on the RN coastline

The dune buggy rides in Rio Grande do Norte are famous.

Rio Grande do Norte, although one of the smallest in Brazil, has one of the longest coastlines.

Protected from progress for several centuries, Rio Grande do Norte has preserved most of its beaches.

The south coast developed earlier, as most of Natal is situated south of the Potengi, and therefore access to the southern beaches has always been easier.

Access to the north coast was more difficult because of the Potengi crossing, but this problem has been greatly diminished with the recent inauguration of the Ponte de Todos.

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The beaches between Ponta Negra and Praia do Forte make up the urban beaches of Natal.

Beaches South of Natal

To the north of Natal, practically all the beaches between Natal and Pipa have already been heavily urbanised and taken over by holiday homes; this includes the beaches of Cotovelo, Pirangi do Norte and Sul (which are separated by the Pirangi River), Búzios, Tabatinga and Tibau do Sul.

mapa do Litoral do Rio Grande do Norte
map of the Rio Grande do Norte coastline

Between Pipa and Paraíba are some more unspoilt beaches, where the towns are still little more than fishing villages, such as Barra do Cunhaú and Baía Formosa (which, however, in recent years have been experiencing the same rapid growth that had previously taken Pipa).

Beaches North of Natal

To the north of Natal, the first beaches are the famous Genipabu, Pitangui (where the Ceará river passes, shown in the picture), Muriú and Jacumã.

Due to their proximity to the capital, these beaches also have good access and some infrastructure (hotels and restaurants).

Between Muriú and Praia do Cajueiro (the last beach shown on the map), there are several practically unexplored beaches, such as Pititinga, Punaú and Rio do Fogo.

Here and there, small stretches with some hotels and beach facilities appear, such as Touros (the largest city in the region) and São Miguel do Gostoso.

In addition to Touros, there is also a stretch that extends from there to the extreme west, on the border with Ceará; this stretch is known as the Costa Branca, due to the large amount of salt flats, which, together with the fine sands, give this coastline a colourful tone.

Most of these beaches also preserve much of their original beauty, but they are also beginning to attract the attention of investors and new residents; this is the case, for example, of Galinhos and Praia da Serra do Mel.

Buggy rides in RN

Buggy ride to the North Coast of RN

North of Natal are destinations such as Genipabu, Pitangui and Jacumã with their dunes and lagoons to refresh tourists during buggy rides.

Already Maracajaú provides diving among the colourful shoals in the parrachos away from the beach.

The BR-101 North also takes visitors to Touros and São Miguel do Gostoso, the latter bustling with sailing sports that move with the winds.

Still further north, Galinhos can be reached by boat or 4 x 4 car and enchants by the bucolic beauty of the isthmus (narrow land surrounded by water on both sides) between dunes, pyramids of salt and the absence of vehicles.

Genipabu is one of the most popular tourist spots on the Potiguar coast for buggy rides.

After a brief stop for photos or even a ride on the dromedaries (optional), you head towards Barra do Rio where a typical ferry crossing is necessary, if you do not want to go around the river by road. It is super quiet and very worthwhile.

After the crossing, we continue towards the dunes of Pitangui with a lot of emotion, arriving at the Lagoon for a freshwater bath.

At the exit of the place, a stop at the top of the dunes, gives us an idea of what has already been travelled.

A little further on are the famous Golden Dunes, with reddish-coloured sand and thick. A place that served as a setting for some scenes of the soap opera “O Clone”.

From there on, more emotions in the dunes of Jacumã with a mandatory stop to enjoy them, with the aerobunda and the zip line as an option. It is very worthwhile to enter this.

Buggy ride to the south coast of RN

The south coast is full of dolphins and turtles.

Going by buggy to the south coast of RN, it becomes even more beautiful, as it is part of the largest ecological sanctuary in Rio Grande do Norte, which in addition to the natural beauty, has a destination in Pipa with its charm, crafts, beautiful people and gastronomy from various parts of the world.

Buggy rides include the beautiful Cotovelo Beach, Pirangi do Norte, Pirangi do Sul, Búzios, Tabatinga with the Mirante, Camurupim, Lagoa de Arituba with its clear waters, Barreta, Malembá, Tibau do Sul, Cacimbinhas, Baia dos Golfinhos and the charming Pipa beach and its charming village.

Buggy ride in Genipabu, Pitangui and Jacumã in the dunes of Rio Grande do Norte

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