Tibau do Sul has the trendy Pipa Beach

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Tibau do Sul RN
Tibau do Sul RN

Tibau do Sul, on the south coast of Rio Grande do Norte, near Natal.

Those who visit Natal can go and return on the same day to, either by bus or car.

Tibau do Sul may even be a name not so well known by tourists from different corners of Brazil.

However, it is precisely in this municipality of Tibau do Sul that is the famous and trendy Praia de Pipa.

Although Pipa is the beach most sought after by tourists, know that Tibau do Sul has other very seductive attractions, with scenery outlined by cliffs, dunes and the striking Guaraíras Lagoon.

Among the good options of the place, there is still Madeiro Beach, which can be reached after descending a staircase amid the cliffs, and Cacimbinhas Beach, where the strong winds and rough sea attract surfers and kitesurfers.

A good way to explore the region to the fullest is by taking the pau-de-arara ride, which leaves Pipa Beach, heads south and returns north, ending at sunset in front of the Guaraíras Lagoon.

The end of the afternoon can also be enjoyed on a boat trip around the lagoon.

And if the visitor wants to immerse himself even more in the culture of the place, be sure to taste the regional cuisine, marked by fresh fish, and check out the handicrafts made by the locals.

Praia de Pipa
Praia de Pipa

Tibau do Sul is a fishing village, and less hectic than the neighboring Praia de Pipa and has more isolated beaches, formed by cliffs (murals of stones, like a ravine), has clear waters, open sea and calm.

Beauty and tranquility in the midst of breathtaking Tibau do Sul cliffs.

Videos about Tibau do Sul and Pipa Beach

Main attractions in Tibau do Sul

Lagoa de Guaraíras

The main attraction in Tibau do Sul is the Lagoa de Guaraíras.

Lagoa de Guaraíras has eight navigable kilometers, which tourists can travel by boat or speedboat. The tours can last the whole day.

The Tibau do Sul beach, which has the same name as the small town, from where you have a beautiful view of the ocean and the Guaraíra Lagoon, with many fishing boats.

mapa das praias de Tibau do Sul RN
Map of the beaches of Tibau do Sul RN

Tibau do Sul beach is lined with stalls with sun loungers, kayaks for those who want adventure and plenty of rest for those who want shade and fresh water.

The boats leave from a pier where the fishing boats also dock. During the route it is possible to see the dolphins.

In addition to enjoying the sun and the sea, it is worth strolling along the Baía dos Golfinhos avenue and enjoying the beauty of the beaches.

You can also visit the sea turtle and dolphin watching areas.

mapa do litoral sul do RN
mapa do litoral sul do RN

Among other attractions is the neighboring Praia do Amor, the viewpoints in the middle of the green of the Ecological Sanctuary of Pipa, as well as many cliffs and trails. Check out what this destination has to offer and enjoy the trip!

Pipa beach (main beach) is one of the most visited beaches in Rio Grande do Norte and is visited by tourists from all over the world.

Village of Pipa

The village of Pipa, or simply Pipa, belongs to the city of Tibau do Sul in Rio Grande do Norte, about 80 kilometers from Natal.

Until the 80’s the beach of Pipa was a quiet fishing village, but surfers discovered the waves of Pipa and region and put it on the route of national and international tourism.

For all tastes and styles, in Pipa there is a busy nightlife and has resorts, hotels, inns, hostels and restaurants.

In the center of Pipa, on Av. Baía dos Golfinhos and its surroundings, you will find all kinds of commerce, while on the outskirts of the village are the beautiful beaches privileged by the charm of its gigantic cliffs, transparent waters and white sand.

map of Tibau do Sul RN
map of Tibau do Sul RN

All the beaches listed below can be reached by walking along the shore, with the exception of Praia do Giz and Praia de Tibau do Sul, for which you just have to take one of the many vans that circulate daily.


See here the main beaches, with and without waves, rough and quiet, some practically deserted.

The beaches of Pipa can be known in just one day or more calmly, which was my case, for 3 days.

mapa de Pipa
map of Pipa

1. Praia de Pipa (Main Beach)

Pipa beach has a good structure of tents. Depending on the tide, a series of shallow natural pools of warm and clean water are formed.

It is the closest beach to the commercial area of the village and easily accessible, consequently the most crowded.

From there you can walk to Praia do Amor on one side and Praia dos Golfinhos on the other.

praia de Pipa RN
praia de Pipa RN
Praia de Pipa RN
Praia de Pipa RN

2. Praia dos Golfinhos

The name itself defines the place! It is a great feeling to be on the beach and see the dolphins in the sea! Whoever goes to Pipa can not miss watching. As the waters of this beach are quite calm it is common to see kayak and stand up paddle practitioners.

Praia dos Golfinhos em Tibau do Sul RN
Praia dos Golfinhos in Tibau do Sul RN

3. Praia do Madeiro

The landscape of Madeiro beach is stunning. The beach can be accessed through a walk at low tide by Praia dos Golfinhos or by the Pipa / Tibau do Sul road, where there is a wooden staircase to the beach. In the middle of the route towards the staircase is the tip to stop at the lookout and take beautiful pictures.

praia do Madeiro em Tibau do Sul
Praia do Madeiro em Tibau do Sul

4. Praia do Giz

With several stones on its shore and some coconut trees that give it a whole charm, it is very frequented by surfers and kite surfers. The beach can be accessed by the Pipa/Tibau road at Ponta do Pirambu or by the Tibau do Sul waterfront.

Praia do Giz em Tibau do Sul
Praia do Giz em Tibau do Sul

5. Tibau do Sul Beach (Praia do Centro)

Beach near the center of the city of Tibau do Sul, very well structured has kiosks and restaurants. The tip is to plan to see the sunset right next to the beach, in the Guaraíras Lagoon, where some boats in the region are located.

Praia de Tibau do Sul (Praia do Centro)
Praia de Tibau do Sul (Praia do Centro)

6. Praia do Amor

Close to the center of Pipa, the beach is very frequented by surfers because of its waves. There are few bar and restaurant options. The name of the beach is due to a natural pool in the shape of a heart, another curiosity is that it was once a naturist beach. From there the tip is to head south to Praia das Minas.

Praia do Amor em Tibau do Sul RN
Praia do Amor em Tibau do Sul RN

7. Praia das Minas

Beautiful and deserted beach where you can be more comfortable and away from the hustle and bustle. The sea is rough and swimming is not recommended. For those who like to walk on the beach with tranquility this is the place. Access is via Praia do Amor or a huge staircase through Chapadão da Pipa.

Praia das Minas em Tibau do Sul RN
Praia das Minas em Tibau do Sul RN

Go along the waterfront and climb the staircase, it is quite a sight! From the chapadão it is possible to go to Av. Baía dos Golfinhos, about 15 minutes walk to the commercial area of Pipa.

Tourism and Travel Guide to Tibau do Sul and Pipa in Rio Grande do Norte

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