Maracajaú beach has transparent waters and a coral reef

praia de Maracajaú
praia de Maracajaú

Transparent waters and coral reef are the attractions of Maracajaú beach (praia de Maracajaú) which is 55 km north of Natal.

One of the most impressive things about the beach is the colour of the sea water.

Maracajaú is the last beach in the municipality of Maxaranguape. The name of indigenous origin comes from the Tupi-Guarani and means: place where the maracajá cat drinks water.

map of the coast of Rio Grande do Norte
Map of the coast of RN

Surrounded by dunes, coconut groves and lagoons, Maracajaú is a small fishing village with approximately 2,000 inhabitants. Today, the town’s main economic activity is tourism.

The great attraction of this beach is the coral bank with crystal clear waters and rich in coral fish, a suitable place for recreational diving (snorkelling).

Maracajaú Beach, also known as the Brazilian Caribbean, is famous for the coral reef known locally as the parrachos, 7 km from the coast.

The parrachos during low tide become a huge natural pool of crystal clear water, with depth ranging from 1.0 to 3.0 m and with a beautiful and rich marine fauna and flora.

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A praia de Maracajaú no RN

Tourism at Maracajaú beach

Maracajaú Beach is considered one of the 10 best places in Brazil for snorkelling and due to its natural conditions it is excellent for scuba diving baptism, where you can have your first experience with scuba diving.

But besides the Parrachos, Maracajaú has beautiful dunes and lagoons, where you can ride a Quadricycle, Stand up in the Piracabus lagoon and you can also enjoy the best restaurant in the region, PARRACHOS PRAIA CLUBE, with a chef specialising in seafood.

The space has infrastructure with swimming pool, wet bar, massage tent and luggage storage. You can’t miss it!

In addition to diving, Maracajaú offers beautiful coves of white sand and calm sea, suitable for a good walk and a relaxing sea bath.

Located 58 kilometres from Natal, in the North Coast of Rio Grande do Norte, there are several ways to get to Portal de Maracajaú and get to know the underwater beauties of the region.

Leaving Natal towards the North coast, follow the BR 101 towards Touros. From Genipabu the signs of the Portal de Maracajaú will indicate the way.

Snorkelling in the Parrachos

Diving in the coral banks of Maracajaú is to contemplate one of the most beautiful marine scenarios.

The coral reefs of Maracajaú, or Parrachos de Maracajaú, are the ideal place for beginners to practice snorkelling, with no age restriction.

Parrachos de Maracajaú RN

The transfer from the beach to the coral banks is made in comfortable catamarans with bathroom and bar on board, where drinks and snacks are offered, our specialities being lobster, shrimp and cheese skewers.

All our crew members are trained, following the strictest international protocols, to provide comfort and safety for you and your family.

To ensure a peaceful and enjoyable experience, we offer the mask and snorkel packaged and sterilised to ensure individual use.

The best period for diving is from November to March.

Guia de Turismo e Viagem do Rio Grande do Norte

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