Macapá Waterfall in the southern region of Maranhão

Cachoeira do Macapá in the southern region of Maranhão
Macapá Waterfall

Macapá Waterfall or Cachoeira do Macapá, located between Balsas and Nova Colinas, South region of Maranhão, with more than 80 meters of waterfall is considered the largest waterfall in the region.

The Chapada das Mesas in the southern region of Maranhão exudes beautiful landscapes, enriched by waterfalls and ecological trails.

The Maranhão hinterland hides the most preserved savannahs in Brazil and presents landscapes of great beauty.

Some of the main cities in the region are: Imperatriz, Açailândia, Balsas, Carolina, Estreito, Porto Franco, Tasso Fragoso, Grajaú.

The city of Balsas, located in the south of Maranhão, is 810 km from the capital São Luís, bordering the municipalities of Riachão, São Raimundo das Mangabeiras, Fortaleza dos Nogueiras, Tasso Fragoso and Alto Parnaíba. It has an approximate population of 84 thousand inhabitants who are in the more than 13 thousand km² of area.

The municipality was formed on the banks of the river of the same name, where there was access to the farms of the municipality of Riachão.

Antônio Ferreira Jacobina became interested in the locality and began to sell tobacco there, later becoming the leader of the settlement.

The village, which had the name of Santo Antônio de Balsas, received the category of city in 1918, still with the same name. It was in 1943 that the municipality was renamed Balsas.

Cachoeira do Macapá na região Sul do Maranhão

Currently, the economy of the region is formed by the grain industry, being one of the largest producers in the Northeast, in addition to extractive industries of babassu oil.

Mapa do Maranhão
Map of Maranhão

Its natural attractions are the Três Marias waterfall, the Macapá waterfall, and the Port of Caraíbas.

As a traditional festival there is the Festejo de Santo Antônio, one of the main events in the municipality. For those who want to take a historical tour, the Wooden Bridge is a great option.

The regional handicraft is also an attraction of the city, because Balsas offers pieces composed of straw, clay, leather and wood.

Tourism and Travel Guide da Cachoeira do Macapá in the South region of Maranhão

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