Pedra Caída Complex in Chapada das Mesas

Complexo da Pedra Caída na Chapada das Mesas
Pedra Caída Complex

The Pedra Caída Complex in Chapada das Mesas in the state of Maranhão is a must-see attraction for those passing through Chapada das Mesas (MA) and the tip goes even for the less adept at nature activities.

The Sanctuary of Pedra Caída in Chapada das Mesas is a large tourist complex with hotel structure, restaurant, swimming pools, water slides, trails, cable car, zip lines and also natural beauties such as waterfalls, caves, canyons..

The area of the tourist complex is large (12,600 hectares of preserved area) with about 25 waterfalls already catalogued and lots of green area. Inside the complex, there are wooden paths that are suspended and aim to protect the local flora and at the same time facilitate the walk of tourists.

36 kilometres from the centre of Carolina and 6 km from the entrance to the Parque Nacional da Chapada das Mesas is the Pedra Caída Complex.

There are 12,600 hectares destined exclusively for ecotourism and adventure tourism. Here, you will find 25 waterfalls, but the main one is the Sanctuary Waterfall, 46 metres high.

The Pedra Caída Complex has two biomes almost at the same time because the place is where the Cerrado and Amazon meet.

From the top you can see the valley with the mesas among the undergrowth and, descending the trails to the waterfalls, you can feel the humidity of the rainforest.

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Complexo Turístico da Pedra Caida

Complexo da Pedra Caída is a mixture of resort and water park, on the side of the road next to the Chapada das Mesas National Park, occupied by 25 waterfalls, natural pools, plateaus and canyons.

The structure offers a series of leisure and adventure options to spend the day or stay.

Tourist Spots of the Pedra Caída Complex

Sanctuary of Pedra Caída

It is 600 metres along suspended wooden ramps to the entrance of a canyon with walls 50 metres high.

From this point it is a water trail for another 370 metres until you have the neck covered and are impressed by the Sanctuary.

Light drips begin to fall in the middle of the route and increase, as does the noise that comes after a curve, a moment when curiosity increases because it becomes dark and little can be seen.

Cachoeira do Refresco (Paredão) no Complexo da Pedra Caída
Cachoeira do Refresco (Paredão)

The rocks, formed by a long erosive process of about 60 million years, exhibit an organic movement and silky appearance because of the wetness.

I finally came across 46 metres of the waterfall falling from a hole through which light passes quickly only around midday.

Apart from the dim light, the movement of the water takes away the balance and it is almost impossible to click a good picture. That’s why they say that there is no way to describe what the Sanctuary is, you have to feel the energy on your skin.

Cachoeira do Capelão no Complexo da Pedra Caída
Capelão Waterfall

I spent some time looking up with a feeling of happiness for being there.

When I dived in, I found big fish and a difficult force to overcome to get under the waterfall, I did not insist and continued enjoying.

The beauty and the set of sensations of the moment make it one of the most interesting waterfalls I have ever seen.

Capelão Waterfall

There are 20 metres of a narrow drop straight into a well.

Here, the walking trail is very short, but to get to the beginning of the path you need a 4×4 vehicle for a few kilometres.

Cachoeira da Caverna no Complexo da Pedra Caída
Cave Waterfall

The tour is combined with the Caverna Waterfall.

Cave Waterfall

The same as the previous one, you need the vehicle and then a short trail through the walkways to the entrance of a cave.

From there I walked a few metres towards the light coming from above, it was another hole from where the water fell for 15 metres straight into the shallow well. And behind it another smaller and much darker cave.

ponte suspensa no Complexo Turístico Pedra Caida
Hanging bridge

Zip lines

There are two of 1200 and 1400 metres, where the largest is considered the highest and second longest zip line in Brazil;

To get to the starting point, there is a 600 metre climb up the walkways or the cable car.


It is the fastest way to reach the pyramid and the zip lines, located 400 metres high.

Pirâmide no Complexo da Pedra Caída

It’s also a peaceful walk to enjoy the area from the top along its 2400 metre length. For 28 minutes, you can see the entire complex, part of the National Park and the road.


At the highest point of the property, there is an iron and glass pyramid with a crystal on the tip.

According to an employee, the region of the famous crystals of Chapada dos Veadeiros (GO) begins in this place and the objective of the  structure is to provide good energy to visitors.

When I first visited, it was under construction and has now become a meditation centre located next to the cable car and zip lines.

A dark path signposted on the floor is to be followed with the thought of eliminating bad things from your mind. When you reach the middle of the pyramid, it’s time to go back down the blank path, now feeling the good energy coming in.

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