Cachoeiras de Carolina is in the Vale das Águas and has paradisiacal scenery

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Cachoeiras do Itapecuru
Cachoeiras do Itapecuru

Cachoeiras de Carolina is in Vale das Águas, extreme south of Maranhão, the scenery is paradisiacal.

Carolina is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Maranhão.

It is located in the south of the state, on the right bank of the Tocantins River. It is known for its several waterfalls.

Carolina is the support point for the visit to the Parque Nacional da Chapada das Mesas, where several waterfalls and canyons are located.

The south of Maranhão has impressive waterfalls, which become even more beautiful at this time of year. The rainy season has further increased the volume of water in the waterfalls in the Maranhão savannah.

map of Maranhão
map of Maranhão

In the Valley of the Waters in the extreme south of Maranhão, right where the Central Plateau ends and the Brazilian Amazon begins, the scenery is paradisiacal.

So much diversity in the same environment is explained by the transition area.

The region concentrates one of the largest varieties of animals and plants in the country, as well as waterfalls and streams of incredible purity.

The cerrado, at this time, is filled with shades and seduces tourists who delight in the shade of sandstone fortresses and make dives full of discoveries. “It’s a lot of beauty. We have incredible beauties in Brazil that we don’t know about,” said teacher Tiana Chaves.

Bathing in mineral water, in a pool inside a cave, is everything for those who left the whirlwind of stress in São Paulo and found refuge in a Brazil that surprises and invigorates.

Kayak tours are among the most fun attractions in the Itapecúru tourist complex.

Poço Azul no Maranhão
Poço Azul

The resort is 35 km from Carolina, following the BR-230. For those who like to test their own limits, the alternative is one of the largest zip lines in the country, which is 140 meters high, from one side of the canyon to the other.

With temperatures around 35ºC, the immense natural showers that sprout from the rock soften the Amazonian heat.

Direct flights depart daily from São Luís to Imperatriz.

By car, you can take the BR-135, BR-222 and BR-010, a journey of 850 kilometers. 221 kilometers separate Imperatriz from Carolina.

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