Biography of Daniela Mercury

Biography of Daniela Mercury
Biography of Daniela Mercury

Daniela Mercury, stage name of Daniela Mercuri de Almeida (Salvador, 28 July 1965).

Daniela Mercury is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, dancer, producer, actress and television presenter. Winner of a Latin Grammy for her album Balé Mulato, she has also received six TIM Music Awards, one APCA award, three Multishow awards and two VMB awards for best music video and photography.

Daniela Mercury is considered one of the greatest and most famous singers of axé music, and is known as the queen of this musical genre. From 1991 to the present day, Daniela has released several albums and singles (including 14 number one hits and 24 Top 10 hits), selling more than 12 million discs worldwide.

Biografia de Daniela Mercury

Daniela Mercury recorded a 25th anniversary DVD for Cirque du Soleil and was part of the Montreal Jazz Festival. In addition, Daniela Mercury was invited to take part in Alejandro Sanz’s DVD and to sing with Paul McCartney in Oslo, Norway, during the award ceremony for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In 2009, the singer Daniela Mercury released her most recent album, Canibália. Along with the album, Daniela launched an international tour, which to date has totalled more than 23 performances.

Daniela Mercury’s album has so far spawned three singles: “Preta” with Seu Jorge, “Oyá Por Nós” with Margareth Menezes and “Sol do Sul”. That same year, Camille Paglia, a writer and one of the most important intellectuals in the cultural field, who had an intellectual “passion” for Madonna, declared that Daniela Mercury is the artist that Madonna would like to be.

In 2010, Daniela Mercury’s trio-electrico celebrated its 60th anniversary and the artist’s 20th anniversary. In an interview, Daniela declared that she will produce a film about the history of Axé, a project that has yet to be directed. For Carnival 2010, Daniela, together with Marcelo Quintanilha, composed “Andarilho Encantado”, a single she sang for the first time at “Pôr do Som”, a concert held at Farol da Barra in Salvador.

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