Discover the diving spots of Chapada Diamantina

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diving at Poço Azul in Chapada Diamantina
diving at Poço Azul

The Chapada Diamantina receives all year round divers who come after sites with crystal clear waters such as the Gruta da Pratinha and Poço Azul, where the skeletons of prehistoric animals were found.

Chapada Diamantina has several diving spots.

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Diving spots in Chapada Diamantina

Blue Grotto – Gruta Azul

This lake has rock formations and exceptionally transparent water. The area of the cave is approximately one thousand square meters. To reach it by land, there is a steep descent down a staircase carved into the rock.

Gruta da Pratinha
Gruta da Pratinha

Gruta da Pratinha

The cave is below the ranch house of the Pratinha farm. The blue is even more intense when seen from the cave. There is a very beautiful rock formation.

Thousands of fish reflect the light of torches, providing a beautiful spectacle.

The visit follows the main corridor of the hole below the Blue Grotto. From there, only experienced divers should continue.

Rio Pratinha

Rio Pratinha
Rio Pratinha

The river rises in the Gruta da Pratinha and forms a lake with crystal clear waters – with visibility of 30 meters.

On the opposite bank there is a cliff with a small cave, where divers can snorkel to observe tilapia, snails and other small freshwater fish.

The Impossibles – Os Impossíveis

The cave is 3 kilometers from the house of Fazenda Pratinha, and is carried out by a path on top of a 50-meter drop, with tight crevices, a tunnel rock cut through which visitors must crawl.

In the cave there are chambers decorated with stalactites, curtains and wonderful speleothems.

Blue Well – Poço Azul

Several passages form a kind of labyrinth connecting with the underground lake. Several holes have been carved into the rock. Just below the wooden platform is a hole to another chamber. There are skeletons, including that of a giant sloth.

On the opposite shore, which is a larger area, you can find rock formations and small crustaceans.

Enchanted Well
Enchanted Well

Enchanted Well – Poço Encantado

It is a lake inside a cave, with crystal clear waters, through which it is possible to observe stones and tree trunks more than 50 meters deep.

From July to August sunlight enters through a crack in the cave, and a beam of light falls on the surface of the lake. The cave is closed, but with the new cave diving regulations brought in by IBAMA it may open again. is the largest tourism and travel guide for Bahia and Salvador.

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