Ecotourism in the Lagoon and Timeantube Island in Praia do Forte

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Lagoa Timeantube
Lagoa Timeantube

The waters of the Açu River spread out on the floodplain, favoring boat and kayak trips on the lagoon and Timeantube Island.

Three-seater Canadian canoes are widely used in the lagoon.

For excursions in the Lagoon and Timeantube Island, groups of up to six people are recommended, accompanied by a sailor and a biologist.

The boat trip on the Lagoon and Timeantube Island follows a marked trail between trees and plants to the Monkey Island, where a short walk is made and observation of the fauna and flora of the region.

See the map Costa dos Coqueiros

In addition to a camera or camcorder, it is important to bring binoculars for better observation of the animals in the Lagoon and Timeantube Island.

Ilha Timeantube

More than 250 birds have already been cataloged in the Lagoon and Timeantube Island: hummingbirds, woodpeckers and mangrove parrots, among others.

Tour in Canadian canoes with capacity for 03 people each, where all participants must paddle.

Accompanied by an environmentalist driver, we travel through the Timeantube Lagoon for approximately 30 minutes, bordering its small islands with aquatic vegetation and observing its enormous variety of birds, among which, bem-te-vi, owl, jaçanã, hummingbird, mangrove parrot, kingfisher…

Stop at Ilha do Dendê for a 10 to 15 min walk to observe the regional fauna and flora. is the largest tourism and travel guide for Bahia and Salvador.

Tourism Guide of the Lagoon and Timeantube Island in Praia do Forte

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