Ecotourism in the Sauípe Park in Bahia

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Parque Sauípe BahiaThe newest attraction of the North Coast of Bahia is the Eco Parque Sauípe, which is located near the Costa do Sauípe.

There are 66 hectares of green area composed of typical Atlantic forest vegetation, with stretches of restinga and mangrove, forming an unprecedented environmental conservation project.

Ideal for those who enjoy ecological tourism, the area has forests of sucupira, açaí, mango, cashew, pupunha, ipês and palm trees of the most varied species.

Four lagoons and springs; two valleys and streams are also part of the exuberant natural scenery. All this is interspersed with several trails in the middle of the forest.

Vsee the Costa dos Coqueiros map

If you want adventure or fun, the Park offers several options, such as: ecological trail, cycling, horseback riding, practicing arborism, riding a caíque and even jumping a zip line.

Verão Eco Parque Sauípe

When you arrive at Sauípe Park, you will be enchanted by the natural beauty and biodiversity that surrounds this place.

The soundtrack is due to rare birds. The place is ideal to relax and forget the stress of the city, enjoying the best that nature has to offer.

The region has one of the greatest biological diversities in the state.

More than 60 thousand birds of 250 species have already been properly cataloged. Wild animals existing in the reserve: deer, agoutis, sloths, monkeys, as well as amphibians, reptiles and small and medium-sized mammals that circulate freely through Sauípe Park.

Through camouflaged wildlife observation tunnels, visitors can get very close to these animals, and will still be able to photograph them.

Another great option is the viewpoint located on top of a hill, 15 m high, from where visitors can enjoy the panoramic and privileged view of the entire Sauípe Park. Unforgettable!

How to get to Eco Parque Sauípe

Km 76 of the Green Line. It is located in the Costa do Sauípe Complex. is the largest tourism and travel guide in Bahia and Salvador.

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