Guarajuba beach is a charming destination in Bahia

Praia de Guarajuba na Bahia
Praia de Guarajuba

Guarajuba Beach is a charming destination, excellent for fishing and diving, ideal for both the more adventurous and the more peaceful.

Guarajuba Beach is located on the north coast of Bahia, in the District of Camaçari, approximately 42 km from Salvador and south of Praia do Forte. It was originally a fishing village.

Originally, it was a fishing village, a characteristic that can still be seen in the rustic atmosphere of the place, especially in the region where fishermen usually stay, called Praia do Porto de Guarajuba.

One of the main characteristics of Guarajuba Beach is its calm sea and clear waters, which make up a fantastic landscape, worthy of photos and memories.

The sand is very soft and pleasant to walk on and you can find natural pools with corals and coconut trees, which make the landscape even more special.

Videos about Guarajuba beach and the Hotel Vila Galé Marés

As some reefs surround the beach, the tide is very calm, so that children can have fun without major risks and adults can enjoy a unique moment of relaxation and relaxation.

The coral walls still have crabs, small fish and sea urchins, as well as other animals that make Guarajuba beach even more playful.

Map of the Coconut Coast

Those who like more adventures can go a little further along its shore, until they reach the so-called Surf Beach, which is very popular for the practice of this sport and for windsurfing, as well as fishing, with the help of local fishermen who know the tide of this region well.

It is interesting to note that Guarajuba means “golden heron” in Tupi-Guarani, which is a bird very present in the lagoons. Its importance to the local ecosystem is so great that they are cared for by an Environmental Protection Area, the APA Lagoas de Guarajuba.

Infrastructure of Guarajuba Beach

The transparent waters and white sand are fundamental factors, but the structure of the place is also very important for the trip to be comfortable and pleasant.

Fortunately, Guarajuba offers everything visitors want.

The beach is almost private, since it is surrounded by luxurious condominiums, which are almost on the seafront.

The traffic is not usually very high on weekdays, but during holidays, public holidays and weekends, the story is totally different.

Some condominiums, such as Paraíso, Mar Azul and Costa Smeralda, have promenades for exercising by the sea, whether for cycling, walking or running. There are good restaurants and shops in the centre, with options for all tastes. So, in addition to finding a very tasty lunch, you can also take some souvenirs of the region to eternalise this trip.

Family outings at Guarajuba Beach

If you are going to spend your July holidays in Guarajuba, then the children need a special programme, so that they can have lots of fun and rest their minds. Apart from Guarajuba Beach itself, other good options in the region are the following:

– Casa da Torre de Garcia D’Ávila: this option is located in Praia do Forte, approximately 16 km away from Guarajuba.

It was the first Portuguese military building installed in Brazil. Nowadays, the ruins of the site resemble an open museum, but the visit is still very worthwhile, especially to see the sunset from a privileged location.

– Exploring the dunes on horseback: both Guarajuba Beach and other beaches in the surrounding area have beautiful dunes, which can hold even more marvellous landscapes on the other side.

To reach them, nothing better than galloping on a horse. The ride, which is always accompanied by a local guide, allows you to visit natural pools and local villages, as well as ecological trails for even more contact with nature.

– Diving: there are many options, from shallow dives in natural pools to deeper dives that require full diving equipment.

Whichever option you choose, fun is guaranteed, as well as the possibility of being so close to fish, corals and even some shipwrecks.


The Vila Galé Marés hotel is an all inclusive resort on the exotic Guarajuba beach, 60 kilometres from Salvador de Bahia and a dozen kilometres from Praia do Forte.

This hotel in Bahia has 413 rooms and 95 chalets, four restaurants, three bars, a Satsanga spa with indoor pool, sauna, jacuzzi, Turkish bath and numerous rooms for massages and aesthetic treatments.

In addition, and in a place where sports activities share the holidays with good dives and great beach days, at the Vila Galé Marés hotel you can take advantage of the fitness centre, tennis courts and multi-sports courts or water sports such as surfing, bodyboarding, windsurfing or diving.

For adults and children, this hotel in Bahia guarantees entertainment every day, all the time.

Taking into account the proximity of the charismatic capital of Bahia, Salvador, travel to discover the Pelourinho, the Mercado Modelo, the Bahian women selling freshly made acarajé or the historic centre considered a World Heritage Site and a testimony of colonial Brazil.

This all inclusive hotel in Bahia also offers a convention centre.

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