The municipality of Madre de Deus is located in the Recôncavo Baiano.

Madre de Deus na Bahia
Madre de Deus na Bahia

The municipality of Madre Deus is 63 kilometers from Salvador.

District of the capital of Bahia until 1989, the region has natural riches that impress visitors at first sight, when the first stretch of sea is revealed.

Part of the Bay of All Saints, the city is composed of the islands of Maria Guarda and Vacas. The beautiful waters mark the region as a hidden paradise in the Recôncavo Baiano.

According to data from the local city hall, the seafront of the urban region has 3.5 kilometers of beaches that are accompanied by a boardwalk, bike path and standardized tents.

Of all the extension, Praia da Costa is pointed out by residents as the region of the calmest sea.

Ponta do Suape is indicated as a location with more agitated waters. Cação Beach has as its main attraction the mangrove that surrounds it.  

Madre de Deus is composed by the islands of Maria Guarda, Vacas and Coroa do Capeta.

Outside the urban region, residents and tourists wishing to visit the islands of Maria Guarda and Vacas can reach the localities through the Maritime Terminal of the municipality.

From the terminal to there, with departures every hour. Ilha das Vacas, on the other hand, is a property designated by the municipality as a private location.

In addition to the beaches and islands that make up the municipality, the local terminal is much sought after by residents of the region itself and by tourists wishing to visit the beaches of Paramana, which is located in the Ilha dos Frades, in addition to the island of Bom Jesus dos Passos, which is close to the region.

It enchants tourists for its diversity of natural beauties, with its rich ecosystems of Atlantic Forest, mangroves and sandbanks.

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In Madre de Deus there are old churches, 19th century houses and the fountains of Jauá, Ouricuri, Dendê and Quitéria.

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Tourist spots in Madre de Deus

The area of great natural beauty, comprises a stretch of Atlantic Forest, mangroves and sandbanks.

Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora de Madre de Deus
Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora de Madre de Deus

The city has a structure for lodging and has restaurants. Attention, honeymooners: a local delicacy is the sururu broth, which is said to be an aphrodisiac.

In Porto Mirim, rental boats make trips around the island of Madre de Deus and crossings to the other islands.

Take a look at the local handicrafts: whimsical bobbin lace, tapestries, miniature boats and woodwork and mollusk shells.

1. Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora de Madre de Deus

Located on a hill, this small church with baroque details was built in 1670 by the Jesuits.

From the belvedere, in front of the church, you have a panoramic view of the Recôncavo.

2. Igreja Sagrada Família

It dates from 1661 and belongs to the Franciscan Friars Minor Order, responsible for social works in the region. It maintains a community center and daycare center.

Anyone who wants to help can deposit some change in the church’s box: the poor people of the place are grateful for it

3. Praia da Costa

Several beautiful beaches are located in and around Madre de Deus.

It is close to the Chapel of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim, is urbanized, has a promenade and bike paths and calm waters. is the largest tourism and travel guide for Bahia and Salvador.

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