Main Tourist Spots of Correntina in Bahia

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Correntina na Bahia
Correntina in Bahia

Correntina is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Bahia.

It is located in western Bahia, 914 km from Salvador, 527 km from Brasília and 166.2 km (BR-135) or 209 km (BR-135/242) from Barreiras, the main city in the region.

Correntina is bathed by the rivers Correntina, Arrojado, Santo Antônio, Guará and Rio do Meio, all with crystal clear waters, the main one being the Correntina River, whose bed cuts through the city centre, where the Ranchão Island, of charms and magic, is a postcard of the city, very visited throughout the year and especially during the carnival period.

Just 1,200 metres from the city centre there is the archipelago “Sete Ilhas”, which is a small ‘archipelago’ interconnected by wooden bridges, described as having an incomparable beauty.

In addition to bathing at Sete Ilhas, holidaymakers also frequent Ranchão, a beach resort located on the banks of the Corrente River.

The other rivers bathe almost all the villages of the municipality, which impress with their water and natural riches, such as: Waterfalls, Veredas, Paredões, Morros and Grutas.

Correntina is bathed by the voluminous Corrente River, a tributary of the São Francisco, the region enchants by the beauty of a nature in eternal contrast by the diversity of wild animals and the numerous species of fish, besides the herons that usually adorn the sunset with their aerial ballet.

Ranchão Island in Correntina
Ranchão Island

The Corrente River Valley is a mandatory route for those looking for ecotourism routes.

Between trekking in the middle of the forest, off-road circuits and visits to caves, visitors can simply relax on the beautiful river beaches, enjoy the landscape on boat trips, risk their talent in fishing or venture into canoeing.

Correntina’s natural heritage is quite significant, reserving for nature lovers places such as Ranchão Island, Sete Ilhas, Buriti Island, Despejo Island, Arrojado River, Correntina River, Meio River, Zumba, Sonrizal, Manoel Mendes, Catolés waterfalls, Remanso and Ponte Velha Caves, complemented by exuberant fauna and flora.

The municipalities of Santa Maria da Vitória, São Félix do Coribe, Correntina and Santana, besides the exuberant nature, preserve architectural traces of the colonial sertanejo and refer the visitor to the habits and customs of the rural people, in places where peace and quiet reign.

See the map Caminhos do Oeste.

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Tourist Attractions of Correntina

1. Rapids and Marimbus

The rapids of the Correntina River and the Seven Islands archipelago share the landscape with the veredas and marimbus.

The waterlogged soils, with low vegetation and surrounded by riparian forests of the veredas, contrast with the crystalline waters in the springs of the Correntina, Meio, Arrojado and Guará rivers, amidst the wild flora and fauna of the marimbus, revealing new scenarios of western Bahia.

The rocks along the entire bed form rapids, islets and natural pools of calm waters, ideal for bathing in Ranchão de Correntina; the main leisure area in the urban perimeter.

Here, the tourist is welcomed with a small infrastructure of bar and kiosks on a small island, connected to the left bank by a pedestrian bridge.

On the other shore, the lavadeiras lend a special colour to the landscape, stage of the traditional Baile do Hawai, which precedes Carnival.

2. Seven Islands Archipelago

The archipelago of the Seven Islands – Couples’, Lovers’, Flowers, Birds, Children’s, Best Age, Heavy Island  and Ranchão, located in the city centre.

Outside the archipelago, the good choice to renew your energy is the bar of the Seven Islands, with full bar and restaurant services.

3. Tour of the Corrente River Valley

Until reaching the main destination of the tour, Santa Maria da Vitória, the visitor will have to go through a great and pleasant adventure, crossing the waters of two beautiful rivers.

The first step is to charter a boat in Bom Jesus da Lapa, travelling a long stretch of the “Velho Chico”, and then climbing the flowing and crystalline Corrente River, in a journey marked by beautiful scenery. The journey takes almost a whole day, aboard very simple boats.

In Santa Maria da Vitória, you will also have the option of visiting the town of São Felix do Coribe, as the two are separated only by a bridge. In the former, which is larger and older, you can walk through its streets, which are marked by great architectural beauty.

At the Memorial Guarany, emerging artists from the region often meet for a good chat and to present their interesting work.

The virtues of São Félix do Coribe lie in its good tourist infrastructure, which includes good hotels and restaurants.

Leaving from any of these towns, there is still the possibility of travelling to the meeting of the Rio Formoso and the Rio das Éguas, culminating in the Correntina River.

Another option is to extend the tour to the rapids of the Jaborandi, which bring with them the beautiful waterfalls of Saco Comprido and Formoso. is the largest tourism and travel guide in Bahia and Salvador.

Tourism and Travel Guide of Correntina in Bahia

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