Mucuri is an ideal place for those who enjoy ecotourism

Mucuri Beach in Bahia
Mucuri Beach

Mucuri in the far south of Bahia in the Whale Coast, hides a virtually untouched natural stronghold.

Formed by ecosystems of Atlantic forest, restinga, mangroves, dunes and beautiful beaches.

Mucuri is a must for those who enjoy ecotourism.

The colonisation of this area was delayed by the absence of precious metal mines and the presence of the feared Botocudo Indians, aggressive and anthropophagous warriors.

With the arrival of German and Swiss settlers in the south of Bahia, coffee farms began to appear, which gave rise to the town of Mucuri. on the banks of the river of the same name.

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Currently, the local population is dedicated to shrimp fishing, farming and the production of papaya and coconut.

The town, which borders Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, is a summer resort for people from Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo. It is wooded and has a good tourist infrastructure, with hotels, bars and restaurants.

The summer there is joyful. On commemorative dates, there are folkloric manifestations such as the marujada, a representation of fights between Christians and Moors, on St Joseph’s Day, on 19 March, and the dance of the “caboclinhos”, a typically indigenous staging, to the sound of flutes and fife.

Mucuri’s 50 kilometres of coastline have wild beaches.

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Tourist spots in Mucuri in Bahia

1. Gigica Ecological Walkway

Passarela Ecológica Gigica em Mucuri
Passarela Ecológica Gigica em Mucuri

The bridge is part of an old path used by fishermen, who built it to facilitate the transport of fish to the village. This access, now transformed into a tourist attraction, displays signs that tell its history and that of the fishermen.

Next to the bridge begins an ecological trail that leads to the beach and allows the observation of the ecosystem.

2. Rio Mucurizinho Ecological Park

Located in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, near the border with the state of Espirito Santo. Next to the park is the Mucurizinho River, with its dark waters, which earned it the nickname “Coca-Cola River”.

3. Mucuri Beach

It is flanked by a river where it is possible to take a dip after bathing in the sea to remove the salt.

4. Barra Beach

Praia da Barra in Mucuri
Praia da Barra in Mucuri

Deserted, has strong waves.

5. Coqueiros Beach

Located at the mouth of the Rio das Ostras, it is good for swimming. It has simple restaurants.

6. Costa Dourada Beach

Panorâmica da praia de Costa Dourada em Mucuri - BA
Panorâmica da praia de Costa Dourada em Mucuri – BA

Dominated by cliffs, it has natural pools that form at low tide between the reefs.

7. Costa Dourada

The Costa Dourada is located on the Costa das Baleias.

It is a wonderful beach with the cliffs of red-gold colour. Small rivers, the mangrove and the diversity of the Altlantic Forest make the beauty unique.

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bahia, located between the cities Mucuri and Itaúnas, exactly on the border of Espírito Santo and Bahia.

The beach of Costa Dourada offers total tranquility for being only a small fishing village, with simple life and without great agitations. It is perfect for those looking for rest and peace.

The beaches with the contrast of the golden sand with the red-coloured cliffs of more than 15m high show a spectacle of natural beauty to the eye, especially at sunrise and sunset.

The beaches that make up the Golden Coast lie beyond the “green belt”, cut out by streams and walls, and protected by difficult access between the eucalyptus trees.

Some still have native vegetation with wild and exotic fruits such as cambucá, pitanga, cashew and mango, adding to the landscape ingredients such as tropical aroma and flavour.

This entire region is part of the APA (Environmental Protection Area) Municipal Costa Dourada.

Restinga vegetation predominates on top of the cliffs, while at sea level the reefs form pools of transparent water that reflect the golden colour of the sand.

8. Malvinas Beach and Sunset Beach

They have calm seas. Sea turtle nesting area, they have a base of the Tamar Project.

9. Praia do Sossego

Deserted, more frequented by fishermen.

10. Lençóis da Velha Beach

Beautiful deserted beach, with cliffs and coconut trees.

11. Riacho Doce Beach

Deserted, next to the stream of the same name. It is the starting point for hiking trails. is the largest tourism and travel guide for Bahia and Salvador.

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