Maragogi is the most popular destination for tourists in Alagoas

Maragogi em Alagoas
Maragogi in Alagoas

Maragogi is a municipality on the North Coast of Alagoas.

Maragogi is halfway between Recife and Maceió – it is 130 kilometres from both.

In Maragogi there are three natural pools that are six kilometres from the coast and the ride is very quiet, the catamaran goes very slowly and lasts 30 minutes until you reach one of the natural pools.

In the natural pools you can dive using a mask and a snorkel, anyone can do it and see the fish and corals more closely.

In the deeper waters of the natural pools, tourists also have the option of diving with the cylinders.

After Maceió, it is the most popular destination for tourists in Alagoas.

Located in the centre of the Coral Coast, Maragogi has a colourful splendour with its beaches, coconut palms and corals.

The name of the city comes from the river that borders it; before 1892, Maragogi was called Gamela and Isabel. A symbol of the resistance against the Dutch occupation, the place is now popular for its hospitality.

Mapa do Litoral Norte de Alagoas
Map of Alagoas North Coast

Among the most popular programmes are a walk to the gales – natural pools – and a visit to the village of São Bento to taste a delicious local delicacy: the gum cake.

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The beach of Maragogi, surrounded by hotels, inns, bars, restaurants and craft shops, is pure animation.

Tourists multiply, taking advantage of the natural beauty and the boat trips that depart from the shore.

Maragogi in Alagoas

Those looking for more tranquillity, heading towards Recife, can go to the beach of São Bento, 4 kilometres away; and the first that can be seen just after the bridge over the Salgado River, which separates Japaratinga from Maragogi.

Beautiful and quiet, Peroba, 12 kilometres from the centre of Maragogi, has coconut trees, natural pools and very blue waters, in a setting that invites you to rest.

Located on the border with Pernambuco, the beach does not have a good infrastructure of bars and restaurants, but the number of inns is beginning to grow.


The natural pools, one of the hallmarks of the beaches of Alagoas, are called galés in Maragogi.

Distant 6 kilometres from the coast, they are reached by speedboat or catamaran.

Maragogi in Alagoas

These pools differ from the others by their enormous dimensions; the waters are very clean and the sand is very white, mixed with coral gravels, which can only be appreciated at low tide.

There are plenty of fish, but they can only be fed with a feed recommended by Ibama, usually sold by boys on the beach.


The village of São Bento can be called the capital of the gum cake – a typical treat, vaguely similar to the sequilhos consumed in the south of the country.

Inns, bars and establishments display bags with the cakes, almost always in the shape of a shell. Entire families usually dedicate themselves to the production of the delicacy, whose origin dates back to the time of the Dutch invasion.

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