Costa dos Ventos or Windy Coast attracts tourists interested in sun and good winds

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Praia de Cumbuco CE
Praia de Cumbuco

Costa dos Ventos Route in Ceará attracts sportsmen and tourists interested in the constant sun and good winds of the state’s coastline, since Ceará has one of the most beautiful coastlines in Brazil, with a variety of colors and shapes, in addition to the welcoming people and integrates the municipalities of Caucaia, São Gonçalo do Amarante, Paracuru, Paraipaba and Trairi.

Costa dos Ventos or Windy Coast is easily accessible and close to Fortaleza, in addition to following a road that is being completely duplicated, the Costa dos Ventos Route brings together some of the most beautiful beaches in the state.

Cumbuco beach on the Costa dos Ventos CE

The beach of Cumbuco in the municipality of Caucaia is extensive, has firm sand, calm sea and plenty of pebbles near the water.

A differential of this beach is that from it is offered a buggy or quad ride around, which has the option of being “with or without emotion”.

If you have free time, take this tour; it passes through the beautiful coastline of Cumbuco, the dunes of the region, the Lagoa do Cauípe (where many people practice kitesurfing) and can go to the Port of Pecém.

Many visitors say that the buggy ride is the coolest part of Cumbuco!

Vila do Cumbuco is another differential for those who have the beach as a destination.

The charm of the fishing village makes the visit even more inviting. Full of options for inns and restaurants, it is surrounded by dunes and is close to other attractions, such as the Banana Lagoon, and beaches as well known as Barra do Cauípe and Icaraí.

Add to this scenery cinematic dunes, orange cliffs, coconut groves, lagoons with clear waters, giving the tone of spectacle to the destination and promoting a trip full of unforgettable experiences.

The good winds have made Cumbuco Beach one of the best destinations in Brazil for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

This made several foreigners, adepts of the sport, decide to settle here (some even opened inns). The small village is surrounded by dunes and beautiful landscapes, such as the Banana Lagoon.

Map of Costa Dos Ventos in Ceará
Map of Costa Dos Ventos

The proximity of Fortaleza to the beach of Cumbuco – 35 km away – makes many visitors to the capital of Ceará stop by beaches such as Barra do Cauipe and Icaraí.

The busiest and most centralized is Cumbuco Beach, the starting point for most tours.

How to get there

Access for those coming from the south is via BR-116 or the coastal BR-101 to Natal.

Then take the BR-304 to Acarati and, from there, the CE-040 to the capital of Ceará.

Those arriving from Teresina and Belém should use the BR-222. From Fortaleza there are two bus lines run by the Vitória Company throughout the day. Check schedules and prices at

How to get around

The buggy ride in Cumbuco is the best way to get to know the city. They depart from Cumbuco Beach in short itineraries – with an hour of duration – or longer – with about 2h30 – and pass by the Banana Lagoon, has esquibunda descent and Barra do Cauipe Beach.

Where to stay

Most of the city’s hotels are on Cumbuco Beach.

Vila Galé Cumbuco has a wide range of attractions and an all-inclusive system (with some alcoholic drinks).

When to go

From July to February, the sky of Cumbuco Beach is colored by kitesurfing kites. Between March and May the rains are more frequent – but you can enjoy the beach, as the overcast sky lasts a short time. The weather is dry from August to December.

Tourism and Travel Guide of the Windy Coast in Ceará

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