São Miguel do Gostoso has beautiful beaches and sports

São Miguel do Gostoso no Rio Grande do Norte
São Miguel do Gostoso

São Miguel do Gostoso is a small paradise very close to Natal (108 km) and is considered one of the best peaks in the world for water sports, the city receives wind and kitesurfers from all over.

Each year, the city gains more visibility and new hotel and gastronomic options appear.

São Miguel do Gostoso entered the tourist map of Rio Grande do Norte because of the kitesurfers and windsurfers, who found in the winds here the ideal point for their maneuvers at sea.

Around these sports, a circuit of sailing schools, inns, restaurants and snack bars rustic and charming emerged on the beaches Ponta de Santo Cristo and Cardeiro.

The atmosphere is one of fun: during the day, the footprint is radical; at night, luau on the sand and forró pé de serra set the mood in the summer.

But the region has plenty of attractions for tourists who, apart from sport, want to rest, see beautiful landscapes and taste good cuisine.

mapa de São Miguel do Gostoso RN
map of São Miguel do Gostoso RN

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Tourist spots of São Miguel do Gostoso

Kitesurfing and Windsurfing

Perfect conditions for the practice of Windsurfing and Kitesurfing São Miguel do Gostoso is thus a reference point in Brazil and in the world.

Kitesurf em São Miguel do Gostoso RN

The beach of São Miguel do Gostoso has a length of approximately 2-3 km and offers sailing conditions for all levels of difficulty.

The beach with the best conditions is Ponta de Santo Cristo in front of the guarderia of Dr Wind and the Gostoso School. A huge beach with clean sand and no obstacles, here there are no stones, trees or volleyball beams, that is, nothing that can make your experience dangerous. Dr. Wind’s club provides a rescue service with its own boat.

The wind blows consistently all year round, but the best months, when it turns in the most favorable direction, are from September to March.

The wind is perfect, never too strong and blows sideshore / side-offshore from the right.

The typical wind day in Gostoso starts at 10:00 am, with light winds, ranging from 15 to 20 knots; around 11:00 – 12:00 the thermal comes in, arriving with stronger intensity, from 20 to 30 knots.

Near the beach flat water and outside, 300m from the beach, perfect waves up to 2m near the reef of stones. Those who love freestyle and freeride will also be able to improve their technique, because depending on the tide a wave is formed, not very big, but perfect for radical maneuvers.

The number of sails in the water is hardly big, as well as on the beach where you will have all the space you need to set and launch your own sail.

The percentage of wind is very high, in full season we are around 95% per month. This percentage drops in the months near the end of the wind season.

Village of São Miguel do Gostoso

In the village of São Miguel do Gostoso another fun is eating. In this sense, the place makes good use of the name “Gostoso” and brings together houses offering regional and international cuisine.

On Xepa beach, one of the most central, the Jardim do Seridó restaurant, for example, dares to mix regional and Mexican spices.

The nights are quiet in Gostoso, but on weekends it is common to find some buzz in the alley that leads to Xepa beach and on Avenida dos Arrecifes, on Maceió beach.

mapa turístico do Rio Grande do Norte
mapa turístico do Rio Grande do Norte

Praia de Tourinhos

Tourinhos Beach is the most beautiful in São Miguel do Gostoso (RN), with rock formations. Semi-deserted, it has weak waves, soft sand and reefs.

Tourinhos beach, for example, is a rare natural sight. Here, the cliffs are rocky, a different formation from that found on the other beaches of the coast.

To top it off, it has clear waters, is deserted and is home to an eight-meter-high petrified dune.

Buggies take you there, but prefer to walk – it is two kilometers worth. Sculpted by the wind, the stones take on imposing shapes that resemble animal figures.

Praia de Tourinhos em São Miguel do Gostoso
Praia de Tourinhos in São Miguel do Gostoso

The usual movement is fishermen in low season and visitors on busy days. There are only a few huts where you can buy drinks on the busiest days.

Maceió Beach

Maceió beach has an exuberant landscape, with very calm air and worth a visit just to sit and watch nature pass by.

There are many fishermen on site who constantly bring their various seafood to the shore. Because of this, many visitors seek the beach for gastronomic tourism!

The beach of Maceió received this name due to the formation of lagoons during high tides that come together with rainwater.

The beach is only a 5-minute drive from the center of São Miguel do Gostoso.

Ponta do Santo Cristo Beach

If you are looking for fun and excitement, Ponta do Santo Cristo beach is certainly one of the best beaches in São Miguel do Gostoso for you.

On site it is also possible to practice sports such as windsurfing and kitSurfing. Due to the favorable conditions for these sports, it is possible to find sportsmen from all over the world enjoying the good wind conditions of the place.

According to the story, in 1501, when the Portuguese expedition landed in this place, the Indians who lived there made a fire and burned the priest who landed with the Portuguese.

Then, centuries passed, and a crucifix was found exactly where the fire was made. Hence the place came to be called Ponta do Santo Cristo beach.

Praia do Cardeiro

At Cardeiro Beach there are several rock formations at low tide that form the famous and beautiful natural pools.

The place is very calm and relaxing, being ideal for visitors seeking peace and delight viewing stunning landscapes.

Praia do Cardeiro received this name because there are many cacti in the place.

Praia do Marco

The Praia do Marco is a historical point of the region. There, the Marco de Touros was planted, a demarcation of the Portuguese colony at the time of the discovery of Brazil to attest to the territories found.

Praia do Marco in São Miguel do Gostoso
Praia do Marco in São Miguel do Gostoso

And speaking a little of history, historians say that in the year 1501, an expedition from Portugal landed on this beach.

For this reason, the visitor will find a Monument to the Landmark of the Portuguese expedition. In fact, it is a replica of the original landmark that is in the city of Natal, in the fort of Reis Magos.

Marco de Touros is considered one of the oldest monuments in Brazil, it is one of the first records of colonization.

The monument is currently preserved in the Farol dos Reis Magos, in Natal.

A replica has been left in place on Marco beach. But those who arrive at the place in the expectation of taking a historical tour find the reproduction of the monument poorly preserved. The beautiful view, however, makes it worth the trip.

The deserted fishermen’s beach is paradisiacal and the formation of reefs creates areas for swimming.

Praia do Marco is not much explored by tourists, and for this reason it is considered an exotic, unexplored and very quiet place. It is only an hour’s drive from São Miguel do Gostoso.

Praia da Xepa

One of the best beaches in São Miguel do Gostoso, it is also one of the most popular. If you are a resident or traveler looking to enjoy the day and night, Xêpa beach is certainly your place!

Praia da Xêpa em São Miguel do Gostoso
Praia da Xêpa in São Miguel do Gostoso

On Xepa beach, one of the most central, the Jardim do Seridó restaurant, for example, dares to mix regional and Mexican spices.

The beach considered the most beautiful is Tourinhos, with peculiarities such as the jets of water that splash from the reefs in the open sea; and the enchanting sunset.

To top it off, it has clear waters, is deserted and is home to a petrified dune eight meters high.

Buggies take you there, but prefer to walk – there are two qumiles worth.

But, what many people are worried about is the name of this beach. In quick words, the name came about because during World War II, the Brazilian army settled in this place ostensibly.

The story goes that, at lunchtime, food was distributed to the soldiers exactly where the beach is today. For some unknown reason, these soldiers called this moment “Xêpa time”. Hence the name Praia da Xêpa.

Already Urca do Tubarão, on the way back to Natal, in Touros, is a traditional stopping point.

The mix of restaurant, artisanal cachaçaria and antique shop is a picturesque and curious place. Adept of slow food, the house serves shrimp in sauce, fish stew and fried food to be tasted calmly.

Tourism and Travel Guide of São Miguel do Gostoso RN and Northeast Brazil

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