Japaratinga on the north coast of Alagoas has deserted beaches with warm waters

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Japaratinga em Alagoas

Japaratinga is located in the north coast of Alagoas, in the middle of the Costa dos Corais, between Maceió and Recife, making it easy to reach from these two important capitals of the Brazilian northeast.

While Maragogi (only 10 km or 20 minutes by car separate the two cities) receives excursion groups coming from Maceió, Japaratinga receives fewer people and is quiet.

The Japaratinga beach has the same characteristics as its neighbour: emerald green sea, many coconut trees and natural pools. All this with the advantage of being much quieter.

Japaratinga is located 115 kilometres from Maceió, neighbouring Maragogi, this municipality has spectacular beaches, such as Barreiras do Boqueirão, the last on the Ecological Route, which includes São Miguel dos Milagres, Porto de Pedras and Passo de Camaragibe.


Japaratinga is adorned by beautiful coconut trees, Barreiras do Boqueirão has fresh water springs on the side of the road that gives access to it, which is why it is also known as Bicas beach.

When the heat is really scorching, the spouts are very popular.

See the map of the North Coast of Alagoas.

It is bounded to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, to the west by Porto Calvo, to the south by the municipality of Porto de Pedras and to the north by the municipality of Maragogi.

Rota Turística do litoral norte de Alagoas ou Costa dos Corais
Tourist Route of the North Coast of Alagoas or Coral Coast

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Walking from Bitingui beach to Porto de Pedras

At low tide, you can walk from the centre of Japaratinga to Porto de Pedras, at the mouth of the Manguaba River.

We started our walk at Bitingui Beach and walked for about 1h30 passing by the beaches of Barreiras do Boqueirão (with several restaurants by the sea), Boqueirão (more deserted) and Pontal, where the beach meets the Manguaba River.

The interesting thing about walking is that the routes end up becoming the destinations. That is, we were walking with a destination in mind, which was the little town of Porto de Pedras and its Lighthouse, just where Japaratinga ended.

map of Japaratinga in Alagoas
map of Japaratinga in Alagoas

But in the course of this walk, we met other beaches, enjoyed walking in absolutely deserted stretches, crossing streams and found some viewpoints to the sea.


With warm waters and a stunning coconut grove, Japaratinga is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Brazilian coast.

Better said, there are five beautiful beaches on 15 kilometres of coastline.

1. Japaratinga Beach

praia de Japaratinga
praia de Japaratinga

Japaratinga beach itself is in the village.

It is home to the town hall, the two health centres, schools, squares, the police station, the public market and the Mother Church of Nossa Senhora das Candeias, built by the Dutch over 300 years ago.

With calm and warm waters, it has bars and restaurants.

2. Bitingui Beach

Praia de Bitingui
Praia de Bitingui

Leaving the town for the other beaches, you pass beautiful cliffs and arrive at Bitingui Beach, with its holiday homes and calm waters.

3. Barreiras do Boqueirão Beach


Praia de Barreiras do Boqueirão
Praia de Barreiras do Boqueirão

Soon after come the beaches of Barreiras do Boqueirão with its mineral water springs and pleasant bars and restaurants.

4. Boqueirão Beach

Praia do Boqueirão
Praia do Boqueirão

Next comes Boqueirão Beach, the most deserted, with its dense coconut groves, white sands and lots of tranquillity.

5. Pontal Beach

Praia do Pontal
Praia do Pontal

The fifth stretch is Praia do Pontal, where the sea meets the Manguaba River. It is there that you take the ferry to cross to neighbouring Porto de Pedras.

Japaratinga map
Japaratinga map


The municipality of Japaratinga owes its origins to a fishermen’s colony, implanted in the same place where today stands the municipal headquarters.

There were only a few huts by the beach and a part of the land was occupied for the cultivation of some cereals. Its development only reached expression after the year 1800.

A road that gave transit only for animals connected the main road, today AL-101, to Porto de Pedras, passing through Japaratuba, primitive toponym of Japaratinga.

Over the years, new families acquired land in the region and dedicated themselves to coconut plantations.

The main church was built more than 300 years ago by the Dutch who lived in Porto Calvo and is still preserved in its original state.

In 1935, there was a small shipyard where small ships were built for the transport of coconut. Political reasons led local leaders to fight for administrative autonomy, led by José Jorge de Farias Sales, political boss of Maragogi.

In 1960, through Law 2.264, the municipality was dismembered from Maragogi, but its official installation only took place on 30 June of the same year.

How to get to Japaratinga


Zumbi dos Palmares Airport in Maceió


  • From Maceió to Japaratinga: AL 105; 127 KM (1H45)
  • From Japaratinga to Porto de Pedras: AL-465; 44 km (45 minutes)
  • From Porto de Pedras to Passo de Camaragibe: AL-101; 37 km (55 minutes)

When to go

From October to February

What not to miss in Japaratinga

  • Enjoy the small natural pools in Barreiras do Boqueirão
  • At low tide, walk inland at Bitingui beach
  • Enjoy a sunny day in Japaratinga

Guide and Tourism and Travel of Jarapatinga in Alagoas

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