Beaches in the Northeast that all Brazilians need to know

One of the best beaches in the northeast is Jericoacoara
One of the best beaches in the northeast is Jericoacoara

Believe me, it is very difficult to choose between the most beautiful, amazing and must-see beaches in the Northeast.

Each beach in the northeast is more beautiful than the other, and it is unfair to name only a few. But let’s go!

Map of Boipeba
Map of Boipeba

With the help of Momondo, a hotel and ticket price search site, we have separated seven beaches that all Brazilians should know.

Planning a trip to the Northeast but still don’t know what to visit? How about being guided by them? We are sure you will be able to make an incredible and unforgettable trip!

From Rio Grande do Norte to Bahia, how about checking out some beaches that take any visitor’s breath away?

Most amazing and must-see beaches in the northeast

Melhores praias no nordeste

If you are looking for a quiet and not very touristy destination, how about giving a chance to the Boipeba Island, in Bahia?

It is there that the small, quiet and paradisiacal beach of Moreré is located. This is where you should go if you want to rest…

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The Praia do Patacho is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Alagoas! If you are planning to visit the coast of the state, be sure to pay it a visit.

Praia do Patacho
Praia do Patacho

With clear sands, transparent waters and full of coconut trees, Patacho beach is great for those who want to relax.

There, you won’t find noisy tourists or vendors.

Not to mention that Patacho is located next to the paradisiacal destination of São Miguel dos Milagres in Alagoas.

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The Praia dos Carneiros is one of the most famous in Pernambuco and is second only to Porto de Galinhas and Fernando de Noronha.

Praia dos Carneiros
Praia dos Carneiros

A destination of peace and tranquility, the small beach with crystal clear waters enchants any visitor.

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Fernando de Noronha is a paradise by itself!

The Sancho Bay in Fernando de Noronha is the most famous beach of the island! Also, its landscape enchants anyone…

Baía do Sancho
Baía do Sancho

Did you know that it is one of the best places to dive in Brazil?

Its visibility and marine life are an invitation for divers!

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Paraíba is not one of the most popular destinations in the Northeast, which, of course, does not take away from its merit.

The state’s coastline is paradisiacal, believe me!

The praia de Tambabá in Paraíba, one of the most beautiful, is the first nudist beach in the Northeast.

praia de Tambabá
praia de Tambabá

In addition to being super reserved, Tambabá beach has its own piece for those who want to stay in bathing suits.

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The Praia da Pipa is one of the most popular destinations in Rio Grande do Norte. Also, the place is paradisiacal!

Although more crowded and touristy than the previous destinations, Praia da Pipa also knows how to be reserved.

Praia da Pipa
Praia da Pipa

If you are looking for a quieter place, Golfinhos beach is the perfect destination.

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Jericoacoara in Ceará is one of the most famous beaches in the Northeast. Therefore, it is much busier than the others on our list.

Even being full of tourists, Jericoacoara beach does not lose much of its tranquility.

Praia de Jericoacoara
Jericoacoara Beach

It will be impossible for you not to relax in the beach hammocks in the middle of the sea…

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