The best beaches in Alagoas

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mapa turístico de Alagoas com praias
touristic map of Alagoas

The beaches of Alagoas are among the most beautiful in the Brazilian Northeast.

The waters of the beaches of Alagoas are of a light green colour that is the hallmark of the state, and coral reefs all along the coast dam the waves and form natural pools.

The transparent waters complete the ideal setting for snorkelling and swimming with the fish, an outing for the whole family and practically all year round.

Maceió Beaches

The most distant beaches from the edge of Maceió are the favourites of the locals, such as Garça Torta Beach, Pratagi and Guaxuma, all in the northern region of Maceió.

Guaxuma beach has kiosks with much more modest prices than those practised on the beaches in the centre.

These three are good options for those who want to get away from the typical hustle and bustle of the more touristy beaches, such as Pajuçara and Ponta Verde.

São Miguel dos Milagres

99 km from Maceió, São Miguel dos Milagres is the trendy tourist town currently on the so-called Milagres Ecological Route.

It is a fishing village with a main street and its hamlets. The tourism there is charming, as small-scale tourism with personalised experiences is called.

The raft ride through the natural pools of Praia do Toque is a must.

The raft ride lasts about two hours. Some guides offer snorkelling equipment and with it you can dive and see fish in the transparent waters.

The ideal for this tour is to take the first available time on the day, which depends on the tide table, because then the pools are crowded with tourists.

Porto de Pedras

Separated from São Miguel dos Milagres by a street, Porto de Pedras is a small fishing village. The residents watching the movement of the streets through the windows of the houses help to compose the scenery.

The tip in town is to get to know the community-based tourism done by the Peixe-boi Association.

Porto de Pedras em Alagoas
Porto de Pedras in Alagoas

It is possible to meet manatees on a raft trip on the Tatuamunha River. The animals are kept by the Animal Protection Association (APA) Costa dos Corais of ICMBio (Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation), linked to the Ministry of the Environment (MMA).

The Porto de Pedras viewpoint is also worth a visit. Just walk up a very steep street near the old prison, taking the lighthouse as a reference.

From up there you can see the mouth of the Manguaba River. The view is even better in summer, when the waters are clear.

Best Beaches of Alagoas – Tourism Guide

Videos about the beaches of Maceió

Pajuçara Beach – Maceió- AL

Pajuçara Beach is located in the noble neighbourhood of Pajuçara, in Maceió.

Praia de Pajuçara em Maceió
Praia de Pajuçara in Maceió

For this very reason, this beach is one of the most famous in the entire state of Alagoas. With a rare beauty, and with an offer of infrastructures destined for tourists, this beach is everything you have always dreamed of for your summer holidays.

The main tourist attractions of Pajuçara Beach are the natural pools that form about 2 km from the coast. There you can see all the marine life, such is the transparency of the water.

In addition, the beautiful corals that are found protecting the beach are unforgettable.

Very busy, like Praia do Francês, this beach is perfect for all types of visitors, even families with many children, as the waters are protected.

The climate is very pleasant, and the whole surrounding landscape makes tourists fall in love with the region. It has a good stretch of soft, golden-coloured sand, and the sea water is crystal clear and calm.

Jatiúca Beach – Maceió – AL

Jatiúca Beach is one of the best-known beaches in the city of Maceió, in Alagoas.

Praia de Jatiúca em Maceió
Praia de Jatiúca in Maceió

The noble neighbourhood of Jatiúca has a population of over 33,000 inhabitants, and even has a resort on the beach, being one of the most traditional resorts in the whole country. If you are looking for a perfect holiday destination, then you need to take a look at everything you can enjoy on your trip to Maceió.

Ponta Verde Beach – Maceió- AL

The trendy beach is located in the noble neighbourhood of the same name in Maceió: Ponta Verde. Those who visit the capital of Alagoas are unlikely to miss this place, considered one of the best urban beaches there.

Praia da Ponta Verde em Maceió
Praia da Ponta Verde in Maceió

With its calm sea, Ponta Verde is perfect for those who like to enjoy the visual of the coconut trees on the waterfront – especially practising sports such as stand up paddle and kayaking.

With a good structure, there are plenty of tents and kiosks to just sit and enjoy the beauty of the region. And it is the best example of what they say about there: the beaches of the city are as beautiful as those further away.

Praia de Antunes – AL

A very quiet beach with warm waters and few waves, ideal for those travelling with children.

Praia de Antunes em Maragogi - Alagoas

With paradisiacal scenery, the beach is surrounded by coconut trees, has warm water and soft white sand.

Very quiet, it is the perfect destination.

The attraction is one of the most popular in Maragogi for the tranquility that the beach offers. Just 7 km from the city centre, Antunes Beach is an excellent tip for those visiting the destination with children.

During low tide, sandbanks emerge from the sea, turning into a true corridor into the sea, almost 3 km long. Take advantage of this moment to explore the natural pools full of colourful fish.

The crystalline waters reach your knees, the sea is very calm and the diversity of fish that inhabit this area is immense.

In addition to bathing, the characteristics of the place make the beach a favourable place to practice some water sports, such as kayaking and sailing.

Another option is to observe the wonders of the Alagoas coastline on a buggy ride, quad bike or just walking along the sands.for those with children and for those looking for rest.

Being a little away from the centre, Antunes Beach is practically deserted and has no structure of bars and restaurants on the beach, but luckily for tourists, some kiosks and rustic restaurants serve snacks and drinks.

If you want to enjoy the place for a long time, it is advisable to bring your chair, water and a snack.

Praia do Francês – AL

Praia do Francês is only 20 km from Maceió and can be visited in a day trip. The beach offers charming inns that help to extend the stay in the attraction.

Praia do Francês em Alagoas

Praia do Francês has a bathing stretch protected by a coral bank that forms a huge natural pool. On the other side, strong waves attract surfers and sailors.

Praia do Patacho – AL

Imagine a scenery that can totally transform according to the movement of the tides?

This is Praia do Patacho, located on the north coast of Alagoas. In addition to its usual white sands, turquoise water and coconut trees, the beach offers several natural pools of warm and relaxing waters along the low tide.

Praia do Patacho em Porto de Pedras - Alagoas

This natural wonder is a peaceful haven. Little known and explored, Praia do Patacho has no street vendors, excess parasols or large resorts. There is only room for small cosy inns and places to rest body and soul.

Praia do Toque – AL

Surrounded by charming inns in a secluded spot on the coast of São Miguel dos Milagres, in Alagoas.

Praia do Toque em São Miguel dos Milagres - AL

With warm, calm and clear waters, Praia do Toque has a quiet climate and is suitable for those who need to “disconnect” from the routine.

Praia do Toque, almost always deserted, but which brings together some renowned inns and restaurants in the region.

Like almost all beaches on the coast of Alagoas, it offers incredible natural pools, accessible by raft. At low tide, the corals are visible, forming a stunning visual.

And with the transparent sea, it is possible to observe the little fish even without using a snorkel. And the wide strip of sand is perfect for long walks or cycling.

Maragogi – AL

Known as the “Brazilian Caribbean”, the small town of Maragogi, on the north coast of Alagoas, is full of beaches with clear and calm waters, which form a gigantic pool in front of a coastline surrounded by coconut trees.

Maragogi e Praia do Antunes em Alagoas

Those who are in the region can not miss the famous natural pools of Maragogi, one of the most beautiful scenery in the northeast.

Praia do Gunga – AL

A favourite among the people of Maceio, Praia do Gunga is the highlight of the southern coast of Alagoas.

Praia do Gunga em Alagoas

Demarcated by the enchanting Lagoa do Roteiro on one side and the multicoloured cliffs on the other, the beach is dotted with coconut trees, which can be seen from a viewpoint at the entrance to the attraction.

Praia de Carro Quebrado – AL

A huge barrier of cliffs and an incredibly blue coastline make Carro Quebrado Beach in Barra de Santo Antonio, one of the most interesting destinations to visit on the coast of Alagoas.

The beach has no road and therefore access is only by buggy and speedboat.

Praia de Carro Quebrado em Alagoas

The lack of structure and the absence of movement of people, maintains the quiet and paradisiacal climate of the place.

Best Beaches in Alagoas and Maceió

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