Best Beaches in the Northeast

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Beaches of the Northeast
Beaches of the Northeast

The beaches of the Northeast are full of options to rest, get in touch with nature, practice sports and enjoy the nightlife.

The northeastern coastline offers 3,000 kilometres of beautiful beaches and natural diversity.

When it comes to beaches in Brazil, there is no way not to mention the paradisiacal northeastern coast.

Spread across several states, you can find from the most popular ones for those who enjoy a buzz to the most deserted ones, for those who prefer to enjoy paradisiacal scenery in privacy.

The northeast has beaches for all tastes and styles, offering all the best in the world. Urban beaches, deserted beaches, wild beaches, beaches on islands or in municipalities, quiet beaches or trendy beaches, these are just some of the qualities that the northeast offers to people who enjoy the beach and the sun.

States of the Northeast Region
States of the Northeast Region

Thinking about you, we chose the best beaches in the northeast with crystal clear waters, breathtaking landscapes and lots of nature.

In the northeast there are countless charming places, but the beaches are always among the favourite and most sought after attractions by tourists.

The region is the main destination for sun and crystal clear waters in the country, entering the top of the list of travellers who choose to spend their holidays in Brazil;

See below the videos of the best beaches in the northeast.

Best Beaches in the Northeast

1. Beaches of Alagoas

Praia de Antunes – AL

A very quiet beach with warm waters and few waves, ideal for those travelling with children.

Antunes Beach in Maragogi AL
Antunes Beach in Maragogi AL

Practically deserted, the place does not have a large structure of bars and restaurants, but has some rustic and charming kiosks that serve visitors snacks and drinks.

Praia do Francês – AL

Praia do Francês is just 20 km from Maceió and can be visited on a day trip. The beach offers charming inns that help to extend the stay in the attraction.

Praia do Francês em Marechal Deodoro AL
Praia do Francês em Marechal Deodoro AL

Praia do Francês has a bathing stretch protected by a coral bank that forms a huge natural pool. On the other, strong waves attract surfers and sailing sports enthusiasts.

Praia do Patacho – AL

Imagine a scenery that can totally transform according to the movement of the tides?

Praia do Patacho in the municipality of Porto de Pedras AL
Praia do Patacho in the municipality of Porto de Pedras AL

This is Patacho beach in the municipality of Porto de Pedras, located on the north coast of Alagoas. In addition to its usual white sands, turquoise water and coconut trees, the beach offers several natural pools of warm and relaxing waters along the low tide.

This natural wonder is a tranquil haven. Little known and explored, Praia do Patacho has no street vendors, excess parasols or large resorts. There is only room for small cosy inns and places to rest body and soul.

Praia do Toque – AL

Surrounded by charming inns in an isolated spot on the coast of São Miguel dos Milagres, in Alagoas.

Praia do Toque in São Miguel dos Milagres AL
Praia do Toque in São Miguel dos Milagres AL

With warm, calm and clear waters, Praia do Toque has a quiet atmosphere and is suitable for those who need to “disconnect” from the routine.

Maragogi – AL

Known as the “Brazilian Caribbean”, the small town of Maragogi, on the north coast of Alagoas, is full of beaches with clear and calm waters, which form a gigantic pool in front of a coastline surrounded by coconut trees.

Maragogi in Alagoas
Maragogi in Alagoas

Those who are in the region can not miss the famous natural pools of Maragogi, one of the most beautiful scenery in the northeast.

Praia do Gunga – AL

Praia do Gunga, in Alagoas, is a small paradise located a few kilometres from the capital Maceió, more precisely in the municipality of Roteiro. Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Brazilian coast.

A favourite among the people of Maceio, Praia do Gunga is the highlight of the south coast of Alagoas.

Gunga Beach in Alagoas
Gunga Beach in Alagoas

Demarcated by the charming Lagoa do Roteiro on one side and the multicoloured cliffs on the other, the beach is dotted with coconut trees, which can be seen from a lookout point at the entrance to the attraction.

Praia de Carro Quebrado – AL

A huge barrier of cliffs and an incredibly blue coastline make Carro Quebrado Beach in Barra de Santo Antonio, one of the most interesting destinations to visit on the Alagoas coast.

Carro Quebrado Beach in Barra de Santo Antonio AL
Carro Quebrado Beach in Barra de Santo Antonio AL

The beach has no road and therefore access is only by buggy and speedboat.

The lack of structure and the absence of movement of people, maintains the quiet and paradisiacal climate of the place.

2. Beaches of Bahia

Arraial d’Ajuda – BA

The village of Arraial d’Ajuda is pure charm.

The resort has varied beaches, with very calm options, such as Araçaípe beach, to other super trendy ones, such as Praia do Parracho.

A meeting point, especially for young people in Arraial, Parracho is a place of excitement.

In the summer, it is a party that never ends on the seafront, with emphasis on the Uíki Parracho, a place of great events, from concerts to weddings; from ballads to the awaited Reveillón, called Sundance.

The beach also attracts water sports enthusiasts and families looking for natural pools at low tide.

Parracho Beach in Arraial D'Ajuda BA
Parracho Beach in Arraial D’Ajuda BA

For nature lovers, Arrail also has the beautiful and preserved Praia da Pitinga.


Praia da Pitinga in Arraial d’Ajuda BA

If you are one of those people who seek a certain peace, but do not want to face long walks and trails, Pitinga beach may be ideal. Surrounded by cliffs in shades ranging from red to orange, the beach has crystal clear, warm and greenish waters, with strong waves that bathe the soft sand.

At low tide, natural pools form, which are a great attraction for the public, especially for children, who can have fun at will.

The locality is perfect for practising sea sports and diving, since natural pools form at low tide.

Located a few kilometres from Porto Seguro, Arraial d’Ajuda has an excellent infrastructure of accommodation and services.

Some of the cities mentioned above do not have an airport and many of the beaches are located in micro-regions far from the capitals.

Therefore, it is essential that you book transport in advance.

Taipu de Fora – BA

Bahia is one of the most charming places in Brazil and holds a true treasure of nature: the Península de Maraú is an ecological sanctuary of 40 km of coastal coastline with natural pools, mangroves and waterfalls.

Taipu de Fora Beach in Barra Grande BA
Taipu de Fora Beach in Barra Grande BA

The crystal-clear waters of Taipu de Fora Beach form the perfect backdrop for spotting colourful fish, corals and a beautiful sunset.

Jeribucaçu – BA

In the municipality of Itacaré, in Bahia, Jeribucaçu is an isolated beach that deserves a visit.

Jeribucaçu Beach in Itacaré BA

Access to the site is via boats or a 20-minute trail inside a farm.

Do you like adventure? The tip is to opt for another, longer trail, which takes around 45 minutes to the Usina Waterfall.

For this tour, it is recommended to have a guide, since the path takes place inside the closed forest crossing rivers and mangroves. The white sands surrounded by coconut trees will make you fall in love.

Havaizinho Beach – BA

Havaizinho Beach in Itararé is one of the best beaches in the northeast.

Havaizinho Beach in Itacaré BA
Havaizinho Beach in Itacaré BA

The place has a small strip of sand protected by two rocky coasts, and surrounded by coconut trees. The access to the attraction is through an easily accessible trail surrounded by Atlantic Forest.

Praia do Espelho – BA

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the northeast, Praia do Espelho, is a few kilometres from Trancoso and is considered a true oasis in the district of Porto Seguro.

Praia do Espelho in Trancoso BA
Praia do Espelho in Trancoso BA

The name of the beach is given because it is possible to see the reflection of the sky and the cliffs in the water during low tide. Its rustic inns near the beach and the quiet atmosphere add even more charm to the place.

If you visit the region during the full moon, be sure to sit on the beach at night and enjoy the glow in the sea, an unforgettable landscape.

Moreré Beach – BA

The tiny village of Moreré is one of the quietest of the Boipeba Island, in Bahia. Located a few kilometres from Salvador, the paradisiacal Moreré is ideal for people who are looking for leisure and relaxation.

Moreré Beach on Boipeba Island BA
Moreré Beach on Boipeba Island BA

Its simple and primitive structure is no problem for people who want to enjoy its charms: perfect shadows to open the yoke, tides that transform the place at each access, natural pools and freshwater streams.

Those who know the village and its incredible white sandy beaches can also take boat trips and pop into neighbouring villages such as Ancient Boipeba.

Praia do Forte – BA

Praia do Forte is in the municipality of Mata de São João and is one of the great highlights of the Bahian coast.

Praia do Forte na Mata de São João BA
Praia do Forte na Mata de São João BA


The beach is just 80 km from Salvador, and has 12 km of coastline dotted with wonderful natural pools perfect for relaxing and enjoying the high temperatures of the region.

3. Beaches of Ceará

Flecheiras – CE

Praia das Flecheiras-in-Trairi, Ceará
Praia das Flecheiras-in-Trairi, Ceará

If you want to visit a beach in the northeast with paradisiacal scenery and still try new seafood-based dishes, you will love the gastronomy of the region, which incorporates seaweed as the main ingredient of the delicacies served in the restaurants of the charming Flecheiras beach in Trairi in Ceará.

Jericoacoara – CE

Imagine relaxing in a hammock over the sea? This is Jericoacora!.

Located a few kilometres from Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará, the village and the Jericoacoara National Park are rich in charms.

Jericoacoara National Park
Jericoacoara National Park

Lagoons, dunes and beautiful beaches make Jeri, as it is kindly nicknamed, a real treat in the middle of the dunes.

The place, with its streets of soft sand and no streetlights, is ideal for people looking for relaxation.

The destination, besides being heavenly, is complete and has plenty of restaurants, many excursion options and sports, as well as a wide range of accommodation.

Lagoinha – CE

The beach Lagoinha is located in the municipality of Paraipaba, 124 km from the capital Fortaleza.

With good options of inns and restaurants, Lagoinha is a great option for those looking for paradisiacal beaches in the Northeast.

Lagoinha Beach in the municipality of Paraipaba

Its half-moon-shaped shore, covered with reddish dunes and coconut trees, is a unique landscape and enchants the eyes of all who visit it.

Canoa Quebrada – CE

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the Northeast are in the state of Ceará, and Canoa Quebrada is another highlight among them.

The beach, situated between cliffs, dunes and blue sea, also has a trendy nightlife and a soundtrack of much reggae and forró.

Canoa Quebrada - CE
Canoa Quebrada – CE

Visitors to the beach can go hiking and take buggy rides through the dunes and horseback riding along the beach, as well as embark on the quiet sea of the region.

Canoa Quebrada is also known for its strong wind and it is common to see rafts and windsurfers gliding on the horizon.

The village has a great offer of services and accommodation and can be visited at any time of the year.

Morro Branco – CE

Famous among tourists and residents of Fortaleza, the beach of Morro Branco is full of attractions and deserves to be highlighted in a visit to Ceará.

Morro Branco – CE

Cliffs, dunes, rivers and lagoons share space and form an enchanting setting.

The Labyrinth of Morro Branco, the meeting of the Choró River with the sea, and the handicraft centre of Beberibe are indispensable walks.

Mundaú – CE

Mundaú beach is part of the municipality of Trairi and is home to a cosy and traditional fishing village near the meeting of the Mundaú River with the sea.

Praia de Mundaú no município de Trairi CE
Praia de Mundaú no município de Trairi CE

The peaceful and quiet atmosphere of the village makes it a perfect destination for those who want to enjoy the beauties of the northeast in a place where the movement of tourists is not intense.

When in Mundaú, be sure to dive in the natural pools during low tide, take a walk along the Mundaú River and check out the sunset on top of the dunes near the village.

4. Beaches of Maranhão

Kitesurf em Atins

Atins Beach – MA

Maranhão is a state with several charms that go far beyond the famous Lençóis Maranhenses. One of these must-see attractions is Atins Beach.

Atins Beach in Barreirinhas MA
Atins Beach in Barreirinhas MA

In the village you will find a high-spirited village and easily accessible lagoons, such as Lagoa Verde and Tropical.

The strong winds make kitesurfing easy and, after spending your energy with the sport, there is nothing better than tasting the region’s speciality, prawns.

Another unmissable tip is to enjoy the flight of guarás at dusk.

5. Beaches of Paraíba

Coqueirinho Beach – PB

The attraction is part of the marvellous Costa do Conde, on the south coast of Paraíba, and has this name for the concentration of coconut trees scattered throughout the strip of sand.

Coqueirinho Beach in Conde in Paraíba
Coqueirinho Beach in Conde in Paraíba

It is possible to contemplate the look of the beach from the top of the Dedo de Deus viewpoint, a natural viewpoint at the top of the cliff that surrounds the attraction.

Tabatinga – PB

An environmental protection area, the cosy Tabatinga beach is 30 km from João Pessoa and is a good option for those who want to replenish their energy.

Praia de Tabatinga no Conde PB
Praia de Tabatinga no Conde PB


With a strip of golden sand and a green-coloured sea, the beach is ideal for sports such as sailing and windsurfing. The highlight of the place is the meeting of the river with the sea and the springs by the sea, known as maceiós.

Tambaba Beach – PB

Praia de Tambaba no Conde PB
Praia de Tambaba no Conde PB

The first beach in Brazil to be officially considered a nudist beach, Tambaba has a unique natural beauty, with warm emerald-coloured waters and an environment surrounded by colourful cliffs and corals.

6. Beaches of Pernambuco

Praia dos Carneiros – PE

A mixture of relaxation, charm, charming inns and a lot of peace on weekdays. Some beaches exceed our expectations and this is the case of the charming Tamandaré, in Pernambuco.

Praia dos Carneiros in Tamandaré PE
Praia dos Carneiros in Tamandaré PE

With good options of hotels and flats, tourists can enjoy the beautiful natural pools that become even more beautiful during low tide.

If you are in Tamandaré, take the opportunity to also visit the beaches of Carneiros, Campas, Pontal do Lira and Boca da Barra.

Bay of Pigs – PE

The Bay of Pigs is one of the many impressive beaches that Fernando de Noronha can provide.

The splendour of the tiny strip of sand surrounded by volcanic rocks and the 30-metre cliff is enhanced by the privileged view of the Dois Irmãos Islands, the archipelago’s main tourist attraction.

Baía dos Porcos in Fernando de Noronha PE
Baía dos Porcos in Fernando de Noronha PE

The warm and transparent sea invites tourists for a swim and, from the top of the cliff, it is possible to observe an unparalleled panorama of the region. To reach the Bay of Pigs, it is necessary to walk along the short trails to access the place.

Elected several times as the most beautiful beach in Brazil, it is formed by a crystalline sea with shades of green, natural pools and volcanic rocks.

Among the activities that cannot be missed is snorkelling, where you can observe turtles, rays, fish and corals.

Porto de Galinhas – PE

This marvellous and welcoming resort is known for its beaches with calm and transparent waters.

Located in Ipojuca, 60 km from Recife, the place is considered one of the most charming of the northeastern coast, based on the hospitality of the people and its unparalleled natural beauty.

Porto de Galinhas PE
Porto de Galinhas PE

Porto de Galinhas has, in addition to kilometres of white sand and calm waters, an abundance of coral reefs, which, with the help of low tide, form natural pools in which colourful fish swim around bathers.

There are several boat and ferry trips that take visitors to the pools and other beaches in the area.

Coroa do Avião – PE

Ilha Coroa do Avião PE

The small and paradisiacal island is close to Ilha de Itamaracá, in front of Forte de Santa Cruz.

The access to the narrow strip of sand is made by boats, motorboats and rafts that depart from Praia do Forte. Surrounded by a coastline of impressively clear waters, Coroa do Avião has scenery worthy of a Caribbean island.

Praia de Calheta – PE

With a small strip of sand and surrounded by rocks that protect a small bay, Calheta Beach has a rustic look and offers a great spot for swimming near the capital of Pernambuco.

Calheta Beach in Porto de Galinhas PE
Calheta Beach in Porto de Galinhas PE

Adventurers can try the huge zip line that starts at a natural viewpoint and ends in the clear waters of the coastline.

Sancho Bay – PE

Elected twice in a row as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Baia do Sancho, in Fernando de Noronha, has everything you need to please everyone who visits it.

Baía do Sancho in Fernando de Noronha PE
Baía do Sancho in Fernando de Noronha PE

With white sands and clear, warm waters, the beach has an impressive marine fauna. It is the ideal destination for snorkelling enthusiasts.

Isolated and limited by the cliff, it is possible to reach Sancho Bay either by land or by sea.

Those who choose the sea route can have the pleasure of spotting dolphins and turtles, animals that spawn there. In order to protect the fauna, access to the beach is reduced at certain times of the year.

Access is not easy, being made from the top of a cliff with a viewpoint and spectacular view of the entire bay. From there you have to go down two flights of stairs embedded in the rocks.

Another option is to take boat trips with stops at all the beaches on the island.

Maracaípe – PE

Neighbour of the famous beach of Porto de Galinhas, the village of Maracaípe is the stronghold of surfers who arrive in the municipality of Ipojuca.

Praia de Maracaípe in Porto de Galinhas PE

Home to surfing championships, the village is located in front of a beautiful beach and offers shops for basic purchases, kiosks and restaurants.

Muro Alto Beach – PE

Muro Alto Beach in Porto de Galinhas PE
Muro Alto Beach in Porto de Galinhas PE

Protected by an immense coral reef that forms a huge pool of warm waters, ideal for children and kayaking, Muro Alto Beach is surrounded by a preserved area of Atlantic Forest and concentrates some of the most luxurious and private hotels in Porto de Galinhas.

7. Beaches of Piauí

Barra Grande – PI

A true paradise that has not yet been discovered by mass tourism.

Praia de Barra Grande no Piauí

Barra Grande is 380 km from Teresina and offers, in addition to delicious cuisine, several leisure options such as kitesurfing, stand up paddle boarding and an encounter with seahorses.

8. Beaches of Rio Grande do Norte

Baía Formosa – RN

With amazing natural beauty, the municipality of Baía Formosa is 94 km from Natal and has about 26 km of semi-deserted beaches that concentrate the largest area of Atlantic Forest in Rio Grande do Norte.

Baía Formosa RN

Other attractions are the Coca Cola Lagoon, Sagi Beach, and the cliffs that cut the bay;

Genipabu Beach – RN

In the stunning Genipabu, 25 km from Natal, you can feel like a king. There, in addition to swimming in a sea of warm waters, it is possible to bathe in the numerous freshwater lagoons in the middle of dunes and take dromedary rides.

Praia de Genipabu – RN
Praia de Genipabu – RN

Other activities at Genipabu Beach are the esquibunda, in which the more adventurous tourist descends the dunes sitting on a wooden board, and the famous buggy rides.

More than natural beauty, the place is supplied with restaurants, bars and beach huts.

Pia de Pipa – RN

90 km from Natal, capital of Rio Grande do Norte, is Pipa Beach, considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

Praia de Pipa – RN

Its reddish cliffs, beautiful beaches with transparent water, white sand dunes and natural pools make up a heavenly event and enchant every tourist.

Surfing, buggy rides, hiking and snorkelling are some of the activities that you can practice in this destination. Pipa can be visited all year round because of its high temperatures, but it is in the summer that the small resort is at its most popular.

São Miguel do Gostoso – RN

Also in Rio Grande do Norte, another place worth visiting is São Miguel do Gostoso.

São Miguel do Gostoso – RN

Still little frequented by Brazilian tourists, the beaches of the village are practically deserted. A walk along the white sands to the beaches of Cardeiro and Xepa is ideal to be dazzled by tranquil landscapes and true film sets.

Maracajaú – RN

Known as the “Caribbean” of Rio Grande do Norte, Maracajaú Beach has as its main attraction the boat trips that allow you to dive in one of the largest coral coasts in Brazil.

Maracajaú – RN

Maracajaú Beach, is located in a small fishing village in the municipality of Maxaranguape, 60 km from the capital of Rio Grande do Norte;

Very close to the capital Natal (about 60 km), the place maintains a simple and rustic structure, with restaurants and hotels surrounded by coconut trees and dunes.

Praia do Madeiro – RN

Praia do Madeiro em Tibau do Sul RN
Praia do Madeiro em Tibau do Sul RN

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Northeast, Praia do Madeiro is surrounded by cliffs that reach 40 metres in height and is in a protected area called “Baía dos Golfinhos” a region of the Potiguar coast that receives the illustrious visit of dozens of dolphins every day.

Praia do Amor – RN

Neighbouring the famous Praia de Pipa, Praia do Amor is one of the best surf spots in Rio Grande do Norte.

Praia do Amor in Pipa RN
Praia do Amor in Pipa RN

The beach has a relaxed atmosphere and offers good options of restaurants and bars along the coast.

Those who climb to the natural viewpoint of Chapadão understand the name of the place: the stones that form natural pools during low tide, form the design of a heart.

Galinhos – RN

Galinhos is home to the beauties of the far north of the Potiguar coast.

Galinhos – RN

The village built on a huge peninsula that cuts the coast, has few streets, beaches with clear and calm waters and unmissable walks where tourists can observe the little-explored beauties of the region.

Galinhos is a Brazilian municipality on the North Coast of the state of Rio Grande do Norte. It is located on the Galinhos Peninsula in the north-central region of the state on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by dunes, salt flats, mangroves, beaches and a river.

Galinhos is accessed by the BR-406 and RN-402, about 166 km from the state capital, Natal.

9. Beaches of Sergipe

Croa do Goré – SE

Available only during low tide, the Croa do Goré is one of the most beautiful beaches in the northeast.

Croa do Goré em Sergipe

A small strip of sand located on the edge of the Vaza-Barris river, at Praia do Mosqueiro. This is considered one of the best bathing spots in the state, and an indispensable attraction for those visiting Aracajú.

Best beaches in the northeast – Tourism and Travel Guide for Salvador, Bahia and the Northeast.

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